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UzEnergyExpo - 2018

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13th International Specialized Exhibition "Energy. Energy Saving. Electrical Engineering"

Date: 31.10.2018 - 02.11.2018 

City: Tashkent - information about city

Holder: IEG Uzbekistan

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: OJSC NEC "Uzexpocenter"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Power Engineering:
    • industry power engineering
    • electric power engineering; hydropower engineering; thermal power engineering
    • electric, heat, and gas supply systems
    • pipelines
    • public power engineering
    • automated systems of technological processes management
    • diesel engines and diesel generators
    • compressors
    • systems and devices for measuring, accounting and control
  • Renewable Energy Sources. Energy saving:
    • devices for accounting and saving of heat and power
    • cogeneration (energy generating complexes based on gas-turbine units or explosion engines, gas-turbine units of low capacity, explosion engines)
    • resource saving equipment for effective use of fuel, heat and electrical power in heat and water supply systems
    • illuminating equipment: enegy-saving lamps, lighting devices, starting and control apparatuses
    • alternative and renewable power: biopower, wind power, solar power, small hydraulic power engineering
  • Lighting:
    • technical and decorative lighting
    • lighting industrial facilities in various fields
    • lighting of streets, underpasses, road junctions and highways
    • landscape lighting
    • illumination of the trading halls, theaters, places of leisure and entertainment
    • the light sources, LEDs
    • design and lighting design
    • decorative lighting system: light grid, garlands, curtains, electron guns, and others
    • lED displays and screens
    • light design; lighting control system
    • lighting for transport infrastructure
    • components and materials for the production of lighting products
  • Electrical Engineering:
    • electrical equipment
    • equipment for power transmission lines
    • electric motors, electric generators, electric drives
    • converters, transformers, transformer substations
    • high-voltage and low-voltage equipment
    • wiring goods and products for electrical installations
    • distributing gears, switchboard equipment
    • protection equipment for electrical installations
    • electrical insulating products
    • electric welding and electrothermal equipment
  • Cables. Wires. Fittings:
    • low, medium and high voltage power cables for stationary cable laying
    • control, communication, fibre-optic, special purpose cables
    • wires for overhead transmission lines, high voltage, communication, special purpose, winding, low voltage wires
    • cable terminals for transformers and switchgear, connectors, fitting; fibre-optic component parts connectors; components and devices for cable installation and cable laying; equipment, tools and devices for laying and installation of cables and wires; inspection tools and instruments for cable and wire laying and installation

Special sections of the exhibition:

  • Heat-power industry:
    • roof, block-module, stationary boiler rooms
    • heat-generating equipment on all kinds of fuel
      • boilers
      • burners
      • co-generation plants
      • trigeneration
      • mini CHP
    • boiler rooms accessories:
      • fuel supply systems
      • water-treatment devices
      • pumps
      • pipelines, valves
      • heat exchangers
      • flue systems
      • pressure and flow regulators
      • monitoring, protection, automated control systems for boiler plants
      • systems, equipment and devices for measurement and recording of and heat
      • ventilation and air conditioning
    • scheduling of unmanned boiler rooms
    • heating equipment
    • meters of cold and hot water
    • heating and boiler equipment repair
    • fire safety
    • environmental control and reduction of harmful emission at fuel burning
  • Gas supply:
    • magistral gas-supply:
      • designing and construction of gas-supply facilities
      • gas equipment
      • cogeneration plants
      • pump and compressor stations
      • gas turbine engines
      • welding equipment, welding materials
      • production, storage and use of alternative energy equipment
      • special machines
    • autonomous and reserve gas-supply for domestic buildings and manufacturing enterprises:
      • installations for liquefaction and regasification of liqued natural gas
      • tanks for underground and overground disposal
      • evaporator and blending installations
      • equipment for gas boiler houses
      • gas electric generators
      • dispatching control stations
      • storage of LNG, LPG, CNG
      • gas-filling stations
      • tank installations for LPG and CNG
      • tanks for transportation and storage of LPG and CNG
      • transportation technologies of LNG
    • purification of associated petroleum gas for gas utilities:
      • gas separation systems and technologies (membrane, adsorbtion, cryogenic)
      • purification and disposal systems of APG
      • compressor units
      • refining equipment for APG
      • construction and development of APG processing complexes and plants
    • operation of gas distribution systems:
      • equipment for transportation of natural gas
      • equipment for automated transport and storage of natural gas
      • technologies, materials and equipment for corrosion protection of pipelines
      • machines and technologies for trenchless pipeline laying and
      • laboratory equipment and analytical instrumentation, mobile laboratories
      • mobile industrial and domestic buildings
    • gas assessment:
      • control instrumentation for gas industry
    • diagnostics:
      • technical diagnostics of gas-mains and gas equipment
    • industrial security and ecology of the gas complex:
      • labour protection, Security Systems and Fire safety equipment
      • emergency and safety equipment, protection equipment in the sphere of industrial security
      • overalls and personal protection devices
      • environmental protection, environmental monitoring
      • information technologies in the emergency situations
      • personnel training

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