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EXPONET.RU - professional Internet portal of the exhibition industry since 1996

EXPONET.RU for exhibition organizers.
We turn visitors into your customers.

Open yourself access to an audience of 3 million people

The number of visitors 3 380 000 people per year. Place information about the exhibition on EXPONET.RU and it will be recognised millions

Increase areas sales

We will provide you with preliminary applications for participation in the trade show from companies that have not previously taken part in them. Payment for our services only after the exhibition, and only for the actual participants. The companies involved in your previous exhibitions at the summing-up not included

Each year, the portal transmits to the management of exhibitions over 14,000 pre-orders for the part. Among them are your participants. Place information about the exhibition on EXPONET and sell more areas.

Attract more users.

Over 40% of visitors are specialists attending exhibitions. Place information about the exhibition and use EXPONET to invite more visitors.

You will receive from us visitors, who have requested an invitation to your exhibition. Depending on your desire you will get data on registrations in real time or as a base by the deadline.

Promote your brand

You get promotion of your brand by placing graphics, text, animation and even video ads.

You can choose image advertising and advertising to attract the audience to your sites. With a large number of accommodation options and focusing banners on EXPONET we will carry out effectively your advertising campaign within your budgets

Use free services of our mailing

Our portal created their audiences 15 years and gathered 470 000 subscribers of the mailing. Place information about the exhibition on EXPONET and free use our mailing

Improve the readability of the advertisement in the times

EXPONET authoritative source of business news, which is broadcast on hundreds of news sites. Place information about the exhibition on the portal and repeatedly increase the mention of the exhibition.

Leave mark in history

The portal works for you even after the exhibition. Place the exhibition at EXPONET, publish reports, directories, photos. The exhibition remains on the portal forever.

Keep detailed reports on the results achieved

Place information about the exhibition on EXPONET and get a free at the end of the detailed statistical report about the interest of specialists to your exhibition.

EXPONET.RU for companies providing services to the exhibitors.

We know how to make the Internet work for your business more effectively.

Acquire new customers

That it is necessary to potential participants of exhibitions besides information about exhibitions? Information about: - stand design and construction - the rent of exhibition equipment - services of a professional hostesses and translators - advertising and printing services - transport services

The audience of the portal is a mass consumer of these services.

Place on EXPONET information about your ability to provide these services and get new customers.

EXPONET.RU for exhibitors.

Hard works to collect information do we, your only decision.

Four steps for participation in exhibitions

  1. Take the calendar of events on EXPONET.RU
    You don't need to visit dozens of web sites - EXPONET.RU collected detailed information about thousands of exhibitions in the cities of Russia.
  2. Select the desired exhibition
    Review the calendar of exhibitions by industry or city. Leave your contacts in the pages of those exhibitions that you are interested in.
  3. Receive applications for participation
    On these exhibitions you will be provided with comprehensive information and sent application forms
  4. Make a decision about participation
    Examine all materials received and decide which of the requested exhibitions you will participate this year. Fill out the application and send it to the Directorate of exhibitions.

Participate in exhibitions with EXPONET.RU