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UzStroyExpo - 2019

Attention! The event is over.

9th International Exhibition. Construction. Heating. Ventilation

Date: 23.10.2019 - 25.10.2019 

City: Tashkent - information about city

Holder: IEG Uzbekistan

Topics: Building and real estate, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: OJSC NEC "Uzexpocenter"

The exhibition is organized with the aim to attract the leading international and domestic companies working in the field of production and supply of products used in construction. Participation in the exhibition is advanced method of demonstration of new materials, technologies and equipment, excellent possibility for establishing of business contacts, strengthening of company's positions on the market of Uzbekistan and Central Asian region.

This exhibition takes on a special urgency in view of the planned projects on construction of industrial complexes in various industries.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Construction materials and equipment. Construction machinery and equipment:
    • industrial, civil and road construction
    • engineering design for the construction of industrial complexes
    • modern designs of buildings, structures, roads
    • construction machinery, road machinery, tools, spare parts
    • concrete mixing equipment, formwork, concrete pumps
    • communal machinery and equipment for municipal economy
    • lifting and transport equipment
    • the equipment for manufacture of building components of cement, lime and plaster
    • equipment and machinery for building materials production
    • concrete and cement factories
    • road-building machines and mechanisms
    • concrete, concrete construction
  • Construction and finishing materials:
    • coating materials
    • roofing and facade materials
    • heat-, sound-, noise-, moisture proof materials
    • dry building mixtures (cement, lime, gypsum)
    • construction chemicals
    • hardware products
    • waterproofing materials
    • frame-panel houses
    • sandwich panels
    • wallpaper
    • architectural and decorative light; electric
    • windows, doors, facades
    • equipment for the production of ceramic tiles
    • floor tiles, mosaic, marble and granite, natural stone, artificial stone
    • architectural-design and landscape development (fountains, fireplaces, columns, pillars, rotunda, tabletops)
    • equipment and tools for cutting and processing stone
    • tools and fasteners
    • landscape and gardening
  • Heating and ventilation:
    • heating systems, boiler equipment
    • energy saving equipment
    • gas-burning devices
    • solar heating
    • ventilation systems, cooling and air conditioning
    • Central air conditioners, chillers, fan coils
    • pipes and pipelines, fittings and valves, pumps
    • control systems, measuring and regulation
    • fittings and valves
  • Water supply, water treatment, sanitary fittings:
    • water filters
    • pipes, pipelines
    • valves; ball valves
    • pumping equipment
    • technologies of water purification and sewage
    • the sewer system
    • coolers, dispensers, purifier
    • wastewater from domestic and industrial origin
    • ecology, environmental technology
    • water supply, Sewerage and sanitary equipment
    • equipment and accessories for pools and water parks
    • hot tubs
    • baths, saunas, SPA
    • chemical components for pools
    • accessories for bathrooms
    • baths and showers
    • furniture and accessories for bathrooms
    • faucets
    • one of the towel

A special section of the exhibition "woodworking and furniture interior design".

  • Woodworking:
    • sawmill complexes, machines, and equipment
    • the equipment for manufacture of timber products
    • equipment for air conditioning and the compensation of aging of the wood
    • tool and tool accessories for primary woodworking
    • equipment, machine tools, machining centers
    • equipment for furniture production
    • equipment, machines and fixtures for joinery manufacturing, flooring and wooden construction
    • equipment for wood drying
    • aspiration system
    • automation systems
    • the tools for woodworking and tool accessories for secondary woodworking
  • Manufacture of furniture:
    • equipment and facilities for industrial furniture production
    • furniture accessories:
      • fasteners and hardware front
      • hinges, locks and locking systems
      • guides and metaboxes
      • legs, supports and accessories
      • accessories
      • countertops and facades
      • Chipboard, Fiberboard, MDF
      • systems of sliding and folding doors
      • lifts and restraints
    • materials:
      • edging materials
      • facing materials
      • composite materials
      • profiles
      • varnishes, paints, decorative coatings, glues, resins, polishes, impregnation means
      • packaging for furniture industry
  • Furniture:
    • classic style furniture
    • modern style furniture
    • design and furniture design
    • home furniture
    • upholstered furniture
    • furniture
    • tables and chairs
    • bedroom furniture
    • built-in furniture
    • children's furniture
    • wicker furniture
    • kitchen furniture and accessories
    • office furniture
    • metal furniture for institutions
    • racks and filing cabinets
    • furniture for bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels
    • stairs and fireplaces

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