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Oil Industry Expo - 2012

Attention! The event is over.

2nd International Specialized Exhibition "Oil ang Gas, Petrochemical Industry. Analytical Equipment"

Date: 19.09.2012 - 21.09.2012 

City: Tashkent - information about city

Holder: IEG Uzbekistan

Topics: Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: OJSC NEC "Uzexpocenter"

The exhibition "Oil Industry Expo" is multispectral event, which will demonstrate the latest scientific and technical developments in the basic industries of Uzbekistan: fuel and energy, chemical and petroleum.

The exhibition will demonstrate spectrum of equipment for oil and gas industry: reconnoitering equipment, equipment for mining and processing of oil and gas, compressors and pumps, tubing and pipe fitting for oil and gas complex, filtration machinery, analytical equipment, control and measuring devices, diagnostic and laboratory equipment.

Specialists are invited to the exhibition by means of direct address dispatch of invitation tickets (18000 tickets) according to professional data base across the countries of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. To attract broad spectrum of visitors a wide advertising campaign is provided: street banners, advertising in periodicals, over the radio and on television, official press conference. Presence of public officers and thriving business men from all the regions of Uzbekistan and abroad during the exhibition helps to enter into long-term cooperation beneficial cooperation.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Oils-and-gas and oil-refining industry:
    • oil and gas production
    • geological exploration and geophysical research equipment
    • drilling, construction, development and repair of oil and gas wells
    • well development and mechanization of field operations
    • equipment, machinery, mechanisms, materials used in work of the oil and gas complex
    • tanks and vessels
    • equipment for research and production operations aimed at increasing deliverability of the well
    • pumps and compressors
    • laying and repairs of the main oil and gas pipelines
    • pipes and pipeline valves for the oil and gas complex
    • oil and gas processing
    • protection of the underground metal constructions
  • Analytical equipment:
    • analytical devices
    • control and measurement devices
    • diagnostic equipment, testing devices and systems
    • systems and means of the scientific and laboratory research automation
    • software, data collection and processing
    • laboratory equipment, tools and consumables
    • laboratory furniture
    • chemical and laboratory ware
    • chemical agents and especially pure chemicals
    • indicators, standard samples, special-order reagents
    • complex laboratory facilities
    • analytical control technologies, methods
    • standardization, certification, technical regulations, accreditation of test laboratories
    • environmental monitoring, control and research
    • analytical control and quality control in industries
    • design and construction of laboratory premises, "clean zones", boxes, providing research
    • hygiene - climate control, air conditioning, special coatings
    • field and mobile chemical and analytical control laboratories

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