Autumn Construction Week. Woodworking - 2016

Attention! The event is over.

Specialized Exhibition

Date: 11.10.2016 - 14.10.2016 

City: Tyumen - information about city

Holder: "Tyumen Fair" JSC

Topics: Building and real estate, Furniture and Office Equipment, HoReCa, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Sections:

  • Design and construction, reconstruction and repair of:
    • design, construction and reconstruction of buildings and constructions
    • services on repair, replanning
    • maintenance of premises
    • installation equipment for baths, showers, kitchens
  • New technologies:
    • new technologies in construction and reconstruction of buildings, manufacturing of finishing works
    • new technologies in manufacture of building materials
  • Building construction and finishing materials:
    • metal fabrication
    • anticorrosive protection of metal structures
    • roofing materials
    • glass, facades, stairs, balconies
    • foundry, art forging
    • finishing and facing materials, varnishes, paints, primers, antiseptics
    • natural and imitation stone, paving slab
  • Construction machinery and tools:
    • construction machinery, means of mechanization, equipment
    • construction, carpentry, plumbing, electric tool
  • Electricity, heat and water supply:
    • transformers, power stations
    • wiring accessories, lamps, cable products
    • heating systems, heating devices; heat gun, furnaces, fireplaces
    • ventilation, conditioning
    • engineering equipment, systems of water supply water processing
  • Windows and doors:
    • glass doors and windows
    • new technologies and equipment for manufacture of doors and windows
    • varnishes, paints, insulation materials, accessories for doors and windows
  • Interior decor:
    • interior design
    • decorative elements
    • parquet, tile, floor coverings
    • mirrors, art glass, stained glass
    • carpets, tapestries, paintings, reproductions
    • sculpture, wood, stone, ceramic, porcelain, crystal, glass
    • watch, fireplaces, aquariums, fountains
    • system interior lighting, lamps, garlands, candles and candle holders
    • constructive solutions and design in furniture production
    • production technology and equipment for furniture manufacturing
    • furniture for home, office, hotels, restaurants
    • materials, fittings, accessories, upholstery materials and fillers
    • restoration, furniture on special order, "aged" furniture
  • Logging, forestry, wood processing, wood chemistry:
    • lumbering
    • logging machinery and equipment, manipulators
    • transport for transportation of timber
    • sorting, drying of wood
    • raw materials for particleboard
    • line of deep processing of wood
    • production and sale of lumber and products deep processing of wood
    • wood chemistry: production of rosin, turpentine, glue, resin, pine extracts
    • antiseptics for wood protection
  • Woodworking:
    • woodworking machines (industrial and domestic), sawmill
    • line splicing wood
    • wood-cutting tools, grinding equipment, workbenches, grinders
    • drying chamber
    • exhaust installation, air filters
  • Waste disposal:
    • equipment for the production of coal, wood chips and biomass
    • line for production of wood fuel granules (pellets, briquettes)
    • boilers and heaters biomass and derivated
  • Wooden structure, houses, villas:
    • individual houses and buildings from the array, cylindrical, laminated veneer lumber
    • frame-panel houses and buildings
    • small architectural forms of the trees, gazebos, sheds, fences, fencing, pergolas, bridges, benches, sculpture, children's playgrounds
    • baths, saunas, swimming pools, fonts, bathroom accessories
    • stairs with wooden furniture and household utensils
    • finishing materials from valuable breeds of wood, parquet
  • Financial services:
    • services of real estate agencies and legal registration of the property on construction sites
    • financing of construction and repair
    • insurance of construction objects, apartment houses, cottage buildings
    • construction machines and equipment leasing

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