Airport Expo - 2024
Airport Expo - 2024

MiningMetals Uzbekistan - 2021

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15th International Exhibition "Mining Equipment, Mining and Processing of Metals and Minerals"

Date: 03.11.2021 - 05.11.2021 

City: Tashkent - information about city

Holder: Iteca Exhibitions

Topics: Natural Resources, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Ankhor Lokomotiv Park

Exhibition Sections:

  • Mineral processing:
    • process control equipment
    • kilns and dryers
    • flotation equipment
    • feeding mechanism
    • vibration equipment, crushers and mills
  • Surface mining and underground mining:
    • drilling equipment, excavators, buckets
    • conveyor devices and winches
    • drilling consumables
    • pumps
    • drilling and lifting
    • ventilation
    • rock mechanics
    • development (deposit)
    • drilling consumables
    • underground vehicles
  • Exploration:
    • diamond drilling
    • geophysical exploration
    • intelligence software
    • mineralogy
    • filming equipment
  • Environment:
    • dedusting
    • enrichment waste
    • environmental protection
  • IT technologies and automation of technological processes in the mining industry:
    • automated control systems for open and underground mining
    • automated control systems for mining and transport complex
    • risk and industrial safety management systems
    • satellite navigation and geodetic systems
    • modelling and design systems for quarries, mines and open-pit mines
    • software for geological exploration and mining
  • Metallurgy:
    • ferrous metals: production and products of ferrous metallurgy
    • non-ferrous metals: production and products of non-ferrous metallurgy
    • equipment for smelting, casting and rolling of ferrous metals
    • smelting and rolling equipment for non-ferrous metallurgy
    • forging and pressing equipment
    • foundry equipment
    • welding equipment
    • material-handling equipment
    • engineering solutions
    • raw materials for metallurgy
    • products: pipes, fittings, coated sheet, metal products
    • collection and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap
    • equipment for warehouses and metal service centers
    • sheet processing: cutting, profiling, bending
    • refractory materials, technical ceramics for metallurgy and foundry
    • ecology in metallurgy, occupational safety and health, safety engineering
    • transport, logistics, warehouses in metallurgy and metal trade
  • Mechanical engineering:
    • machines and equipment for metal and woodworking, processing of ceramics, plastics
    • tools for cutting and processing metals, wood, polymeric materials
    • diamond, carbide, precision tools, electric hand tools
    • equipment for welding and cutting various materials
    • refrigeration and drying installations; ventilation technology
    • lubrication technique; lubricants
    • compressors, fittings, pumps
    • control and measuring equipment, laboratory equipment, special transport and handling equipment, auxiliary equipment for installation work
    • mechanization and technological processes automation tools
    • used equipment
    • consumer goods of machine-building enterprises
    • component parts in mechanical engineering
    • CNC systems and management systems, its components
    • hydraulic and pneumatic systems, its components
    • hand tool
  • Machine-tool products and production automation:
    • sets of technological equipment for various sectors of the national economy
    • machine tools and technologies for metal, wood, stone and synthetic processing
    • forging and pressing equipment, foundry equipment
    • laser technology and equipment
    • heat treatment equipment
    • metal-cutting, abrasive, diamond tools
    • construction and road engineering
    • product quality control systems, product certification
    • scientific and technical projects, technological and design developments, production management
    • measuring instruments
    • bearings for machine tools and various industrial equipment (industrial bearings)
    • lifting and material-handling equipment
    • equipment for construction and installation, and technological works
    • lifts, hoists and escalators, continuous transport vehicles
    • automation of mechanical engineering processes


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