Symbols of the Fatherland - 2014

Attention! The event is over.

All-Russian Exhibition

Date: 12.06.2014 - 15.06.2014 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Fund of assistance to scientific research of security problems "NAUKA-XXI"

Topics: Culture. Art. Collectibles. Antiques, Society




Venue: Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy

The exhibition is focused on formation of patriotic senses of Russian Federation citizen, as the most important value and one of cornerstones of spiritual and moral integration of the society.

Exhibition Goal - popularization of national symbols for formation of clear concept of meaning and historical roots of Russian state symbols, blazonry and emblems of Russian Regions and cities, presentation of history of formation and use of state symbols, revival of historical and national traditions, education for civic consciousness, public spirit and respect to activity of state and local government institutions.

Exhibition Sections:

State symbols of Russia:

  • Federal and regional symbols (Russian state symbols, federal authorities; national and state symbols of the Russian Federation symbols, state-owned enterprises and institutions; state awards)
  • Military symbols (symbols of glory and military service; symbols the Cossacks and other law enforcement agencies)
  • History of Russian symbolism (documents from the archives of the Russian Federation leading libraries; exhibits from the Russian Federation historical and military-historical galleries and museums' funds, from private collections - faleristics, philately, philumeny, bonistics, deltiology; the Electronic Museum of Russian Construction History)

Our heritage:

  • Science and technologies (Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation; world renown universities - "Roscosmos", "Star City"; Baikonur and Plesetsk spaceports; Gazprom)
  • Capitals, hero-cities and cities of military glory (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk , Tikhvin)
  • Civil society organizations (famous charity, creative, sport and other public organizations; Russian Olympic Committee)
  • Renowned creative teams (Bolshoi and Maly Theatres, Mariinsky Theatre, Pyatnitsky Choir, Alexandrov Ensemble)
  • Centers of folk arts Khokhloma; Gzhel; Rostov miniature on enamel; Vologda and Eletskiye lace; Bogorodskaya toy; Palekh; Gorodetskaya painting; Tula samovars)
  • Symbols of national life:

    • russian wooden toys - doll and bears
    • russian food and drink - caviar, kvass, vodka, pelmeni, pancakes
    • household items - samovar, balalaika, Russian shawls and scarves

Traditional religious symbols of Russia:

  • Exhibits of traditional religions funds - Orthodox, Islam, Buddhism , Judaism; works of restoration and icon-painting workshops

Russian foreign characters:

  • Expositions of Russian foreign historical and cultural funds, representatives of the Orthodox Church abroad , private youth initiatives, national publications, organizations and communities aimed at compatriots from foreign countries

Media and IT technologies in patriotic education:

  • Demonstration and promotion of Internet projects aimed at the development and preservation of historical, cultural and patriotic heritage, as well as the country potential; computer games on military and patriotic topics

Symbols of Russia in art:

  • Photo exhibition of domestic and foreign masters presenting the Russian symbols abroad and inside the country; exhibition of works of local artists , sculptors, writers; printing samples - historical, military and patriotic books (series), albums, gift books, postcards, calendars, posters

Russian masters:

  • Various arts and crafts: Russian weapons; carving; painting on wood, fabric, glass; lace making; handmade embroidered articles; weaving; ceramics; handmade art forging; stone and glass items; linen products

Gifts and souvenirs:

  • Souvenir weapon and cutlery; products made of stone, skin, bone; VIP gifts

Additional information: