Expo-Russia Iran - 2024
Expo-Russia Iran - 2024

Electrotrans - 2014

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International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 27.05.2014 - 29.05.2014 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: "Rusgortrans"

Topics: Municipal Management, Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation


Venue: VDNH

Exhibition Goals:

  1. To bring advantages of development of environmentally friendly public transport vehicles to notice of city and federal authorities, using advanced foreign and domestic experience. To contribute to solving topical problems of the industry enterprises
  2. To offer modern motive power and prospective technical solutions for city electric transport enterprises
  3. To hold business meetings, professionally prepared conferences and seminars for managers and technical specialists

Exhibition Sections:

  • City transport infrastructure:
    • designing and development of the net, parks, depots
    • financial matters of development of city electric transport, leasing
    • passenger traffic accounting, traffic management
    • interaction with other kinds of public transport
    • transfer hubs, stop pavilions
  • Public transport safety:
    • system solutions for promotion of passenger safety
    • fire safety
    • video monitoring
    • annunciators
    • safety communication
    • rescue equipment
  • Motive power of environmentally friendly city transport:
    • tramway and rapid-transit tramway
    • trolley bus
    • trolley bus with independent motion
    • single-rail transport system
    • electrobuses
    • hybrid vehicles
    • modernization of motive power, overhaul-period renewal
  • Motive power components:
    • machine components
    • electrics
    • power equipment
    • climate control
    • lighting solutions
    • expendable materials
    • salon interior
  • Public transport enterprise:
    • depot equipment
    • devices and technologies for diagnostics, repair, cleaning
    • delivery of spare parts abs components
    • uniforms and special clothes
    • training complexes
    • personnel training
  • Information technologies for public transport:
    • transport park and transfer hub management
    • communication-navigation equipment
    • technologies of payment, information and entertainment systems
  • Equipment and technologies for electric power supply and electrification of city electric transport:
    • equipment for traction substations
    • automatic system for commercial measurement of power consumption
    • technologies for curtailment of demand
    • accumulators
    • battery charging stations
    • condensers
    • overhaul-period renewal technologies
    • overhead wiring
  • Tunnels:
    • materials for tunnel construction
    • ventilation plant
    • cable nets
    • illumination equipment
    • tunnelling systems
  • Equipment for signalling services and connection of metropolitan railway and express tramway
  • Railway equipment
  • Services for passengers:
    • infrastructure for passengers with people with disabilities
    • rescue equipment
    • related services

Additional information: