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Date: 15.05.2018 - 17.05.2018 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Marketing Centre "Expokhleb"

Topics: Agriculture, Food Industry, Trade Fairs




Venue: Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy

Exhibition Sections:

Salon "Farm"

  • Machinery, equipment and materials for agricultural producers
  • Equipment for collection, storage, sorting, packing, preserving, processing and sale of agricultural products, including wild plants
  • Veterinary equipment and preparations
  • Breeding of plants and animals
  • Pond fish farming and fishing

Salon Paseka

  • Pcheloinventar (hive, frames, accessories)
  • Veterinary drug
  • Clothes for beekeeper
  • Manufacturers of beekeeping equipment (honey extractor and accessories, tables, printouts, filters, decrystallization)
  • Feed and top dressing
  • Seeds
  • Containers for honey and processed products
  • Technology of breeding bees

Salon "Vegetables - fruit"

  • Selection and seed production
  • Crop production, horticulture and homestand farming (fruit and vegetable crops, seed production, special tools for processing, inventory)
  • Greenhouse complexes and hangars for growing and storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Special machinery and equipment
  • Remedies
  • Logistics, containers for storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Technologies of online sale of fruits and vegetables

Salon "Gifts of nature"

  • Harvesting, processing, storage, packing, transportation and sale of wild plants: mushrooms, berries, nuts, seeds, agricultural and medicinal herbs

Farmers' market

  • Honey
  • Meat, fish and dairy products
  • Game delicacies
  • Dried fruits, mushrooms, dried vegetables
  • Confectionery, bakery, laboratory, measuring and trading equipment
  • Raw materials and food ingredients
  • Decor, packaging, food transportation
  • Cakes, pastries
  • The goods for health and recreation
  • Cereals of different grinding
  • Village sausages
  • Goat's milk and homemade cheese
  • Garden tools, seeds and fertilizers
  • Souvenir production
  • Folk craft:
    • goods of national craft
    • handicraft gingerbread workshops, manufacturers of related equipment, fine wood products, clay, metal, leather, wool, down and lace

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