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Russian Industrialist - 2007

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11th International Industrial Forum

Date: 02.10.2007 - 05.10.2007 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city


Topic: Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Exhibition Complex LENEXPO

Specialized Exhibitions of the Forum:


  • Industrial potential of Russian regions
  • Finished products of industrial purpose
  • Advanced technologies
  • Technological equipment and rigging
  • Tool making, radio electronics
  • Production automation and products quality control
  • Equipment repair and modernization
  • Industrial security

Mechanical engineering. Machine tools and tools:

  • Metal cutting equipment
  • Forming equipment
  • Machines and devices for assembly and welding
  • Metal cutting tools and technological rigging
  • Retrofitting


  • Services on component parts production (including electric and radio elements and electrical engineering products)
  • Services on technological operations and processes realization (including production of materials, forming, strengthening of covering etc.)
  • Technical maintenance services (laboratory, diagnostic, metrological, control and testing etc.)
  • Services in the field of consulting and engineering
  • Infrastructure of industrial cooperation (subcontracting centers, information bases etc.)

Concurrent exhibitions:

  • "Mechatronics and robotics - 2007"

  • International exhibition-congress
  • "Atomic industry - 2007"
    7th specialized exhibition
  • "HiTech - 2007"
    12th International exhibition-congress. High technologies, innovations, investments

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