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MEDEXPO. Health & Beauty - 2014

Attention! The event is over.

Interregional Medical Exhibition

Date: 09.04.2014 - 11.04.2014 

City: Yakutsk - information about city

Holder: SibExpoService

Topic: Medicine and Health Care


Venue: TR "Kruzalo"

Every year the exhibition is a ground for practical application of Russian and foreign medical technologies in the Far North conditions, demonstration of achievements in health care of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, discussing of urgent questions and future development of medicine branch of the Republic, showing of sports-and-health methods that help people free from bad habits and influence population health.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Dentistry:
    • dental equipment and instruments
    • materials and instruments for osteoplasty and maxillofacial surgery
  • Affordable world:
    • rehabilitation centers and social communities, specialized houses, boarding houses
    • training and research technology
    • delivery of medical and specialized equipment
    • innovation in the manufacturing of medical and specialized equipment
    • rehabilitation medicine
  • Medical equipment:
    • materials for disinfection and sterilization, sanitation, consumables, medical clothes
    • surgical equipment, instruments
    • laboratory engineering, equipment, diagnostics
    • medical devices, equipment, tools, diagnostics
  • Modern sports:
    • sports shoes and clothes
    • sports medicine
    • service of fitness centers, clubs
  • Medical clinics and private practice:
    • modern methods and technologies in medicine
    • aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and dermatology
    • balneology, treatment abroad
  • Pharmaceuticals:
    • healthy nutrition technology and products
    • organic, bio-organic food
    • biologically active additives (BAA)
    • homeopathy
  • Optics and ophthalmology
  • Products for children, mothers and newborns
  • Research and educational institutions
  • Medical insurance, organization of individual medical care programs
  • Medical services
  • Special medical literature

Additional information: