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Logistics - 2010

Attention! The event is over.

3rd International Specialized Exhibition of Logistics Technologies

Date: 02.03.2010 - 05.03.2010 

City: Kiev - information about city

Holder: Euroindex Ltd.

Topic: Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation

"Logistics - 2010" exhibition news, 27-Feb-2010

Announce: The "Euroindex" company invites you to visit the 3rd International Specialized Exhibition of Logistics Technologies - "Logistics -2010", which is going to be held from 2 to 5 of March, 2010, at the "KievExpoPlaza" Exhibition Center.

The "Euroindex" company invites you to visit the 3rd International Specialized Exhibition of Logistics Technologies - "Logistics -2010", which is going to be held from 2 to 5 of March, 2010, at the "KievExpoPlaza" Exhibition Center. (2-B Salutnaya St., Kiev).

No matter how the economical conditions in the country change, the goods will be sold and bought, therefore, the distribution of goods was, is and will be, and the real need to minimize costs at the stages of delivery and storage of goods continues to exist. And the fact is that today in Ukraine, according to the specialists' research, the total logistics costs in the production price makes up 40%, while in Western Europe this number vary between 12-13%. This is the top priority problem to solve.

The "Logistics" exhibition is the very tool, that will help to demonstrate to potential clients all new equipment and technologies. Companies and clients, consumers and goods come face-to-face there, trends and problems of the whole industry and its separate sectors are being discussed.

The exhibition will be held with the support of Ukrainian Logistics Association.

In the time of insecurity all traditional and solid brings confidence and faith in the future. The International Specialized Exhibition "Logistics - 2010" is such event for the Ukrainian logistics market. In 2010, the "Logistics - 2010" will bring together professionals at the same place - at the "KievExpoPlaza" exhibition center - and at the same time - from 2 to 5 of March - for the third time. The organizer is "Euroindex" company. The novelty of the "Logistics - 2010" exhibition will be a special section "Transport Logistics". Now, in line with the infrastructure, services, technologies and information-telecommunication systems in logistics, the exhibition will present transport and forwarding services (automotive, sea, river, air, special transportations), customs and brokerage services and freights insurance. In the difficult current conditions, the "Logistics - 2010" exhibition will help the participants to strengthen relations with the clients and to demonstrate to the market players that the company is alive and operates successfully, to keep the clients confidence and image of a reliable partner, who is capable to fulfill its obligations in any conditions and take away the orders from the competitor, who hasn't shown up at the exhibition. The last edition of the "Logistics - 2010" exhibition was held in a difficult time. The crisis had an influence on the scale and attendance of the exposition, still, the exhibitors, among whom are such leading market players as GEBHARDT Food & Retail Solutions GmbH, "1С", "AZBI", "Quantum International", "Logistics Management Technologies", "Schaeffer Shop", "Sholler Arka Systems", "Jungheinrich Lift Trak", found out that the correct reaction is the increasing activity but not the expectation.

I. Vereshchagina, Account Manager of GEBHARDT Food & Retail Solutions GmbH:
"The plan of our company is the expansion on the markets of Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and "Logistics - 2010" has become for us an effective tool for Ukrainian market approach. We planned to present our brands, equipment, market positioning, meeting potential clients, face-to-face communication and products presentation to the trading chains. We succeded in our objectives: we saw an interest in our equipment, trading chains representatives attended the exhibition and were interested in our products, we established new contacts and entered the Ukrainian market."

E. Pavlenko, Deputy Director on Sales and Marketing of SSI Schaefer Noell company:
"It is impossible for such a company as SSI Schaefer Noell not to participate at the specialized exhibitions. The exhibition of this year was very active. We didn't expect it. This underlines the importance of participation in the exhibition at any times. Our company is not going to leave the Ukrainian market of warehousing logistics, our goal is to go on conquering it, and, in particular - the sector of automated warehousing logistics as we don't have any worthy competitors in this field in Ukraine. Now we have got an ideal chance, ideal possibility to fill in this market niche.

V. Oleynik, Advertising and PR specialist of "Sholler Arka Systems" company:
We considered exhibitions as image events before, but this year the sales promotion has become the goal of participation in the "Logistics - 2010". We would also like to get precise information of what is going on with our potential clients today. We received answers to all our questions. We saw that there are less exhibitors - many companies chose the strategy of "sitting out the current crisis". We managed to reach preliminary agreements with some companies, to which we couldn't get through for some time. The life communication made it precise and clear what our clients need today and will need in the nearest future. The exhibition has become for us a push forward in sales.

S. Grigorenko, Marketing Manager of "Jungheinrich Lift Trak" ltd.:
"In the first place we wanted to calm down the customers and to show that despite the difficult conditions in Ukraine, the "Jungheinrich Lift Trak" company operates steadily and meets the requirements of the clients, our products are popular and in demand. It is necessary to point out that there were a lot of visitors, it was probably associated with the work of several concurrent exhibitions. Advertising is the first cost item, which the companies try to cut down during the crisis period, but in contrast to the other advertising resources, the exhibitions provide a valuable opportunity of direct contact with the target audience. The exhibition is the best way to advertise.

V. Polegenko, Sales Manager of "Vakony" company:
The desire to enlarge the customer base influenced the decision of participation in the exhibition, as many companies don't always understand the importance of our systems and in which way they will help to save costs in the crisis period. The exhibition gave us the chance to communicate directly with top managers, heads of departments and demonstrate them the advantages of automotive transport control systems. And on the whole, the exhibition specialization allowed both the exhibitors and visitors to choose the rignt offers and solutions for this market. That is why I think that the participation matched up to the expectations, and our goals were achieved.


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