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Logistics - 2010

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3rd International Specialized Exhibition of Logistics Technologies

Date: 02.03.2010 - 05.03.2010 

City: Kiev - information about city

Holder: Euroindex Ltd.

Topic: Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation


Venue: Exhibition Centre "KievExpoPlaza"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Logistic services:
    • complex logistic servicing (providers of logistic services)
    • warehousing services
    • projecting of logistic systems for enterprises
    • logistic audit
    • logistic and investment consulting
    • business education in the field of logistics
  • Logistic technologies:
    • supply chain management
    • added value management
    • strategic planning of supply chains (Network Design)
    • work with the supplier through Internet platforms (SRM-solutions)
    • optimization of work and personnel management (Labor Management) in logistics
    • monitoring of expenses (Spend Management) in distributed and holding companies
    • modern systems of goods distribution
    • demand and sale management (Demand Management/S&OP)
    • planning of global supply strategies and production, sourcing and offshoring
    • yard management systems
    • systems of financial and economical analysis, accounting
    • electronic trade
    • reverse logistics
    • RFID-technologies
  • Logistic infrustructure:
    • modern solutions in creation of logistic centers (automated warehouses, self-supported warehouses, prefabricated warehouses)
    • racks and storage systems
    • hoisting and conveying equipment (loaders, carts, stacking machines, lifting blocks, winches, lifting jacks, roller conveyors)
    • bridge plates and access ramps
    • warehousing gates and sealants
    • cash registers and weighing equipment
    • technological equipment of data collection (terminals, bar-code scanners, RFID-readers, including radio communication, bar-code printers)
    • security equipment for logistic facilities
    • packing, containers, equipment
    • cleaning machines
  • Information and telecommunication systems in logistics:
    • systems of complex automation of warehouses, logistic centers, distributing centers, retail and wholesale trade enterprises (WMS, IMS, ERP, MRPI/II/III, CSRP)
    • freight traffic monitoring and management systems (GIS, GPS)
    • geoinformation systems
    • systems of electronic document exchange and order manmagement
    • systems of telecommunication and organization of local and regional trade chains
    • mobile communication and mobile systems in logistics
    • data collection terminals (including radio communication)

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