Здравоохранение Сибири - 2024
Здравоохранение Сибири - 2024

KazAgro. KazFarm - 2016

Attention! The event is over.

International Exhibition of Agriculture and Food Industry

Date: 26.10.2016 - 28.10.2016 

City: Astana - information about city

Holder: "IEC "ExpoGroup" Ltd.

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry


Venue: Exhibition centre "Korme"

Exhibition Sections:


  • Agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts to them
  • Means of mechanization for small agricultural enterprises, farms, summer cottages
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Collection and storage of harvest
  • Packing equipment and materials
  • Agricultural construction, warehouses
  • Greenhouse, gardening
  • Biotechnologies, quality control of agricultural raw materials and products
  • Agro-ecology
  • Flour milling equipment
  • Equipment for food and processing industry
  • Agricultural science, education, publication


  • Stockbreeding, poultry farming, fish farming, beekeeping; feed, veterinary, breeding, genetics, care, farm
  • Cattle-breeding complexes
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Cooking and smoking systems
  • Packing equipment and materials
  • Transport, storage, freezing, storage
  • Trade, weighing and refrigeration equipment
  • Industrial hygiene and safety, waste disposal
  • Agro-ecology
  • Research, development, institutes, publications

Additional information: