Beauty. Health. Comfort - 2012

Attention! The event is over.

Annual Exhibition-Fair

Date: 07.06.2012 - 12.06.2012 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Moscow State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Achievements of Science and Technology Adoption Center "MOSKVA""

Topics: Medicine and Health Care, Textiles. Fashion. Cosmetics




Venue: VDNH

All main aspects of healthy living are included in thematic sections of the exhibition. Provides for an extensive business program.

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Promotion of physical culture and sports
  2. Development and promotion of healthy lifestyles
  3. Improving health and life of Moscow citizens

Exhibition Sections:

"Healthy food":

  • Functional foods
  • Low-calorie and diet foods
  • Baby food
  • Fortified foods
  • Bio- and ecoproducts
  • Soy products
  • Honey, dried fruit, nuts
  • Juices, mineral and table waters
  • Specialty healthy lifestyle stores
  • Utensils and appliances for healthy lifestyles

"World of diabetes":

  • Diabetic foods
  • Centers and schools for diabetics
  • Glucometers, test strips, punching devices, means of insulin injuring, insulin pumps and supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vitamins
  • Products for diabetics

"Lose weight together":

  • Foods for weight loss
  • Coffee, tea, herbal teas and herbal blends for weight loss
  • Vitamins, minerals, BAAs and nutritional supplements
  • Medicines
  • Slimming clothes, modeling clothes
  • Programs, centers and clinics for weight loss

"Sports entertainment":

  • Sports equipment and accessories
  • Training devices and equipment
  • Fitness centers, gyms, swimming pools
  • Bowling, golf, diving, karting, skating rinks, skiing, paintball, tennis
  • Sports tourism

"Facial and body care":

  • Natural therapy
  • Natural and curative cosmetics, SPA capsules
  • Homeopathy, aromatherapy and herbal therapy
  • Devices for facial and body care
  • Massage devices, massage chairs, hydromassage devices
  • Mini and phyto saunas, jacuzzis and mini swimming pools

Medicinal products:

  • Anti-varicose compression hosiery
  • Medical lingerie
  • Orthopedic products

"Rest and treatment":

  • Centers, clinics, institutes, salons of:
    • cosmetics, plastic surgery, massage and manual therapy
    • traditional and alternative medicine
  • Sanatoriums, guest houses, holiday homes, weekend spa resorts
  • Medical treatment abroad

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