Halfood and Ecogoods - 2018

Attention! The event is over.

9th International Exhibition of Halfood and Ecogoods Halal and Environmentally Friendly Products and Services

Date: 25.04.2018 - 26.04.2018 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: "Alif Consult", LLD

Topics: Advertising and Publishing Activities, Agriculture, Food Industry, Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Consumer Goods, Medicine and Health Care, Textiles. Fashion. Cosmetics, Society, Sport, Tourism, Hobbies and Entertainments




Venue: IEC "Crocus Expo"

The mission of the exhibition is to create an effective platform for interaction between manufacturers, buyers, consumers of Halal market, eco - goods and services that strengthen health and quality of life. At the "Halfood and Ecogoods" platform, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, industry leaders and key experts from Russia and foreign countries meet.

The Exhibition organizers' team has been developing an alternative consumer market for nine years, looking for answers to the specific needs of Millennials - consumers who will soon fully determine the economy. In today's world, cluttered with stabilizers, dyes and other harmful substances, this audience is increasingly paying attention to goods and services aimed at maintaining health and meet the principles of responsible consumption.

Focusing on the importance of this target audience, the "Halfood and Ecogoods" platform gathers professionals for business b2b cooperation, exchange of expertise and discussion of emerging trends in the segments of eco, organic and Halal products. Exhibitors strictly monitor the quality of what is produced and offered to their customers on store shelves and online platforms. In this regard, the relevance of participation in the exhibition "Halfood and Ecogoods" of any developing business is undeniable.

The "Halfood" exhibition is a specialized platform for deep immersion of participants into the Halal market and organic food. For 8 years of existence of the exhibition the number of producers of goods and services of this direction in the country grew by 20 times, and the very first participants are leaders of the market and are presented in many distribution networks and retail shops. During the exhibition, the marking "Halal" has ceased to carry a purely religious meaning for a narrow segment of consumers, and has become a guarantee of high quality and environmental products.

The exhibition "Ecogoods" is a salon of organic and environmentally friendly goods and services. Here are the products and services that is marked: organic, bio and eco-friendly. The salon "Ecogoods" provides a platform for businesses that meet the principles of reasonable consumption, environmentally friendly production, health promotion and quality of life in an aggressive environment. The direction of the salon include natural cosmetic products, fragrances, eco-friendly textiles, household cleaning tools, eco medicine, eco-tourism, restaurant business, hospitality industry, food for vegetarians.

The "Halfood and Ecogoods" team has accumulated many years of experience at the exhibition venues and in 2018 holds the event at Crocus Expo - the best exhibition center in Russia.

Exhibition Sections:


  • Halal salon:
    • meat and meat products
    • bird, egg
    • sausage goods
    • grocery
    • dairy produce
    • confectionery
    • ingredients and food additives
  • Kosher and fast food
  • Equipment for slaughter
  • Packaging
  • Franchise


  • Natural cosmetics
  • Perfumery
  • Household chemicals
  • Eco-textiles
  • Health and eco-medicine
  • Ecotourism
  • Restaurant business
  • Products and products for vegetarians
  • The hospitality industry

Additional information: