Рудник.Урал - 2024
Рудник.Урал - 2024

Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: The Present and The Future - 2011

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9th International Forum

Date: 20.09.2011 - 22.09.2011 

City: Kiev - information about city

Holder: "International Exhibition Centre"

Topics: Natural Resources, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: International Exhibition Center

Exhibition Sections:

  • Power generation:
    • heat power generation: heat power stations (condensate and thermal power stations)
    • hydraulic power industry (hydroelectric power stations, hydrostimulant and tidal power plants)
    • nuclear power generation
    • renewable, small-scale and alternative power generation
    • primary energy carriers conversion
    • electrical energy production and trasformation
    • electro- and heat energy transmission mediums
    • power generating equipment and technologies, instruments and materials
    • boilers, burners, boiler and auxiliary equipment, heat-exchange devices
    • industrial and communal household power generation
    • power generation on transport
    • power generation in agroindustrial complex
    • electrical machines, instruments and devices
    • materials for electrical goods production
    • heat-insulating, insulating materials, products for heating engineering and electric power industry
    • cabling products
    • control of electrotechnical and heat supplying systems modes
    • light engineering energy-saving products
    • equipment, technologies of electrical machines and devices repair and test
    • electrical and lighting devices
    • power audit
  • Coal industry complex:
    • mining and processing of coal, peat, slate
    • equipment, machines, mechanisms for concentration plants
    • equipment, machines, mechanisms for open cast minings
    • equipment, machines, mechanisms for deep mining
    • equipment for coal laying and reclaiming
    • mining electrical equipment
    • spare parts and components for mining equipment
    • small-scale mechanization equipment and for tender works
    • materials
  • Oil and gas and oil refining industry:
    • oil and gas production
    • equipment for geologic exploration and geophysical prospecting
    • drilling, building, development, and repair of gas and oil producing wells
    • wells ties and oil field works mechanization
    • equipment, machines, mechanisms, materials for oil and gas industry
    • tank equipment
    • research and operational procedure equipment for increasing of wells productivity
    • pumps and compressors
    • main oil and gas pipelines laying and repair
    • pipes and valves for oil and gas industry
    • oil and gas refining
    • protection of underground metal structures
  • Research, design and project works for fuel and energy complex
  • Innovative and investment projects
  • Building, reconstruction, equipment of FEC objects
  • Non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of:
    • objects
    • structures
    • metal structures and power generating industry equipment
    • mining equipment
    • objects, oil and gas industry equipment
    • oil and gas pipelines
  • Inspection technology and equipment
  • Heating and energy supply systems
  • Metering systems and regulation devices for water, gas, heat and electric energy
  • Power automation and control of operational and technological processes
  • Energy and resource saving technologies, equipment in building, industry, public utilities
  • Safety and security of FEC objects
  • Operational safety systems, accident prevention
  • Staff training
  • Environment protection, ecological monitoring, ecological equipment and technologies
  • Insurance services
  • Special literature, publications, Internet resources

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