Airport Expo - 2024
Airport Expo - 2024

St. Petersburg International Forum on Fuel and Energy Complex - 2010

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10th International Forum

Date: 24.03.2010 - 26.03.2010 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city

Holder: RESTEC

Topics: Natural Resources, Municipal Management, Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Exhibition Complex LENEXPO

Withing the framework of the forum the following exhibitions will be held:

  • "MIRR (Minerals and Raw Stuff, Fuel and Energy Resources) - 2010"
    16th Internationals Specialized Exhibition
  • "Neftegasexpo - 2010"
    12th International Specialized Exhibition
  • "Oil Processing and Petrochemistry - 2010"
    11th International Specialized Exhibition
  • "Trans-Tek-Expo - 2010"
    3rd Specialized Exhibition. Technologies and Equipment for Transportation and Storage of Hydrocarbons
  • "AtomTEK (Atomic Power Engineering) - 2010"
    6th International Specialized Exhibition
  • "Energomash of Russia - 2010"
    3rd International Specialized Exhibition

Exhibition Sections:

"MIRR (Minerals and Raw Stuff, Fuel and Energy Resources)":

  • Geophysical instruments and equipment
  • Information and analytical support of prospecting works
  • Geophysical support of environmental researches, hydrological, survey, and building works
  • Engineering support of geological explorations for solving natural resource problems
  • New computer technologies:
    • processing and interpretation of geophysical information
    • creation of geologycal and geophysical data base
  • Engineering geophysics
  • Extraction, processing, and benefication of minerals:
    • mining and open cast mining vehicles
    • machines and technologies of wells drilling
    • benefication machinery and equipment
    • power-producing and automation of works
  • Protection of the environment and ecological safety during extraction, processing, and transportation of minerals


  • Outfitting and development of gas, gas-condensate, and oil fields
  • Operation, repair, retrofitting and technical modernization of functioning oil and gas production facilities
  • Gas, gas-condensate, oil fields economical efficiency raising
  • Capital and underground repairs of wells
  • Automation and information systems for oil and gas industry
  • Software for modeling and optimization of facilities for fields development
  • Projecting of ancillary facilities
  • Production, sale, and maintenance of ancillary equipment for oil and gas industry
  • Diagnostics in oil and gas industry, evaluation of risks and reliability control
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Drilling equipment

"Oil Processing and Petrochemistry":

  • Building of facilities for oil and oil processing industry
  • Reconstruction and retrofitting of oil-processing and petrochemical plants
  • Machines and technologies for oil processing
  • Control and measuring instruments, automation means
  • Equipment and pipeline corrosion control
  • Scientific, research, engineering developments
  • Organic synthesis
  • Reagents, catalysts
  • Materials, equipment, instruments, and means of automation and telemetry for petrochemical industry
  • Industrial non-destructive testing
  • Laboratory equipment, furniture, instruments, tableware, gears, expendable materials
  • Environment protection
  • Operational safety
  • Special clothes and personnel protection means
  • Petrochemical production management
  • Information support
  • Refueling complexes and equipment
  • Projecting and building of ready-to-operate petrol and gas filling complexes
  • Filling stations, fuel trucks, gas filling stations, control panels, oil product level gaging instruments
  • Equipment for cars, powered by gas fuel

"AtomTEK (Atomic Power Engineering)":

  • Atomic power plants and installations - materials and equipment, process modeling
  • Small-sized ground, underground, offshore atomic power plants
  • Nuclear reactors and installations of different types and purposes
  • Remote and robotic service systems; sensors, instruments and devices of equipment technical condition testing and diagnostics
  • Mounting, commissioning and start-up works, operational equipment
  • Corrosive environment-resistant materials; X-ray protection materials
  • Devices for non-destructive testing of materials and products
  • Apparatuses for physical protection of facilities, using radioactive technologies

"Energomash of Russia":

  • Modern equipment and advanced technologies for electric power engineering:
    • transformers
    • dischargers and voltage selectors
    • high frequency reactors
    • power saving converting devices
    • power thyristor converter for transmission and DC links
    • diagnostic means for substation equipment and electric power lines
    • control and measuring instruments and devices
    • relay protection devices
    • automation
  • Modern equipment and advanced technologies for hydropower engineering:
    • hydraulic turbines
    • hydraulic turbine generators
    • hydroelectric pumped storage power plants
    • hydraulic turbines
    • ship power plants
    • devices and systems of control, measuring, and automated management
  • Modern equipment and advanced technologies:
    • for heat power industry
    • for production and transmission of heat power
    • energy efficient technologies for distribution of heat power
    • plants for small-scale power generation, mini TPP
    • automated systems of electric power metering and automation of power plants
  • Moder power equipment and advanced technologies for industrial enterprises - large consumers of electric power
  • Investment projects for power generating plants

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