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Woodworking. Forest Utilisation in Siberia - 2012

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Specialized Exhibition of Wood-Processing Equipment and Machinery, Forest Management Technologies

Date: 04.09.2012 - 07.09.2012 

City: Irkutsk - information about city

Holder: SibExpoCentre

Topics: Consumer Goods, Natural Resources, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Irkutsk International Exhibition Complex "SibExpoCentre"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Equipment, machine tools, machines, tools and technologies for:
    • forestry and woodworking industry
    • wooden housing construction
    • drying, protection and processing of wood
  • Production of forestry complexes:
    • lumber
    • fiberboard and particleboard
    • plywood, millwork, furniture
  • New efficient building materials based on wood and wood waste
  • Projects, constructions and architectural-and-construction solutions for wooden housing construction
  • Houses, baths, saunas and other buildings:
    • of laminated veneer lumber
    • of solid wood
    • mobile prefabricated
    • frame and panel
  • Materials for exterior and interior finishing of houses
  • Doors, windows, stairs
  • Metal fasteners for timber structures
  • Technologies and materials for the insulation of houses
  • Materials for the durability and fire resistance of wood
  • Wooden small architectural forms
  • Art of wood processing:
    • consumer goods
    • handicraft industry
    • folk art
  • Equipment leasing, consulting, credit, transport services
  • Forest management, afforestation, forest protection, monitoring of forest resources and forestry
  • Methods and programs of training and retraining specialists
  • Overalls, individual protection means

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