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Power Engineering for Ukrainian Industry - 2012

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10th International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 26.09.2012 - 28.09.2012 

City: Kiev - information about city

Holder: "International Exhibition Centre"

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: International Exhibition Center

Exhibition Sections:

  • Electric power engineering and power-generating equipment:
    • electric power engineering, thermal power engineering, hydropower engineering, renewable power engineering
    • electric power generation and transmission equipment
    • equipment for power plants, substations and distribution networks
    • steam, hydraulic, gas turbines and auxiliary turbine equipment
    • boilers, boiler plants and auxiliary boiler equipment
    • diesel engines and diesel-generators; cogeneration plants
    • equipment for industrial thermal power engineering
  • Industrial electrical goods:
    • electrical goods:
      • equipment for power transmission lines
      • converters, transformers; switchgear
      • high-voltage equipment; low-voltage equipment (LVE)
      • distributing gear: equipment for switchboard room
      • uninterruptible power supply; protection and control devices
      • electric fittings; electrical materials
      • electrical wiring equipment and tools
      • grounding and lightning protection
      • electrical machinery; electric motors; electric drives
      • electric drives for lifts, hoists, elevators, escalators
      • crane, metallurgical, excavator electric motors
    • power equipment for electric transport and carrying and lifting machines:
      • traction substations for subway, urban transport, railway
      • electrical and converting substations; electrical reactors
      • overhead; third-rail conductors; supports and supporting structures
      • power equipment for electric transport, cranes, excavators, track machines
  • Industrial lighting:
    • lighting engineering; lamps, lanterns, searchlights; electric light equipment
    • components of lighting fixtures; electroluminescent products
    • energy saving lighting
  • Automated process control systems, control and measuring devices and diagnostics:
    • automated control systems and automated equipment in the enterprise utilities
    • automated control systems for power supply, lighting and electrical equipment of enterprises
    • devices and means for measuring electrical parameters and automatics
    • non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics
  • Cables. Fixtures. Wires:
    • cables; wires; cords
    • assembly and wiring accessories, connecting accessories
    • testing devices
    • Power electronics in power engineering:
    • power condensers, transistors, thyristors, relay
    • power modules, diodes, transformers; power connectors and terminal blocks
    • components of the power electronics for electric drives, electric motors, servo drives
    • AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/AC voltage converters
  • Special topics:
    • power and electric power supply to the oil and gas complexes and collieries
    • electric power supply to and electrification of electric transport
    • electrical technology and power supply in the agro-industrial complex
    • IT, automation of the fuel and energy complex facilities
    • atomic power engineering and the atomic power complex of Ukraine

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