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Education 3.0 - 2013

Attention! The event is over.

International Exhibition

Date: 31.10.2013 - 03.11.2013 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: LLC "InfoCiTy"

Topics: Information Technologies and Communications, Society




Venue: VDNH

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Assistance in assurance of education availability and quality on the basis of private-public partnership
  2. Promotion of the best world practices, which contribute achievement of a person in private and professional way

Exhibition Sections:

  • E-learning organization tools and means (software and tools, electronic courses, didactic systems, pedagogic measurement and education quality assessment systems, CASE aids)
  • Computer games for learning, simulators, virtual laboratories, teaching constructors and robotic systems
  • Systems of managing activities of all level educational institutions (software tools, infrastructure solutions, integration solutions, BI systems, regional educational authority management systems)
  • Training equipment (audio and video equipment, multimedia equipment, interactive boards, portable devices and technology, computers and peripherals (printers, scanners)
  • Electronic library systems and library equipment, e-books
  • Systems of efficient communication in the educational environment (videoconferencing systems, webinar holding aids, techniques of recording and preparing video courses)
  • Services and consulting in the field of education (services for public accreditation, quality management, reengineering of business processes, project management, CRM and marketing of educational services, website promotion, promotion of educational services in social networks)
  • Methodological support to activities of educational institutions (textbooks and guidance manuals, pedagogic periodicals, scientific-methodological literature)
  • Special furniture and equipment for schools, training colleges and higher educational institutions
  • Educational services in the field of supplementary education, corporate training and business education
  • EduTech Labs (university centers, joint projects of higher educational institutions and business entities, state programs for mutual integration)

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