CleanExpo Moscow - 2024
CleanExpo Moscow - 2024

Dairy Industry - 2010

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8th International Forum

Date: 16.03.2010 - 19.03.2010 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Global-Expo

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry


Venue: VDNH

Forum Sections:

  • Equipment and technologies of dairy farming:
    • Equipment for cattle keeping and feeding
    • Equipment for microclimate maintenance
    • Automated milking systems
    • Equipment and technologies of milking and primary processing of milk
    • Systems of milking and milk metering with cooling and cleaning functions
    • Milk tanks, milk cooling tanks
    • Breeding, genetics, and reproduction
    • Veterinary
    • Fodder production, fodder suppliers
  • Equipment and technologies for production of milk and dairy products:
    • Milk filling machines
    • Equipment and technologies for milk cooling
    • Equipment and technologies for milk pasteurization, sterilization
    • Tanks for cooling, storage of milk
    • Milk pumps
    • Separators
    • Membranous systems
    • Heat exchanges
    • Centrifugal machines
    • Equipment and technologies for production of whole milk and dairy products
    • Equipment and technologies for production of cottage cheese and curd products
    • Equipment and technologies for butter production:
      • butter production machines
      • pumps for butter production
      • tanks for butter storage
      • equipment butter substance content analysis
      • refining equipment
      • CIP systems
      • homogenizers
      • bioreactors, leaveners
    • Equipment and technologies for cheese production:
      • hard cheese production
      • production of soft and semihard cheeses
      • production of cheeses with cheddarization and thermal treatment of cheese mass
      • brinsen cheese production
      • melted cheese production
    • Equipment and technologies for production of whey powder, instant skimmed milk powder, whole milk substitutes, milk concentrates
    • Other equipment for dairy production
    • Consumables, tools, technological inventory implements
  • Packing equipment and technologies:
    • Equipment and technologies:
      • packing of butter
      • cheese packing and batching
      • aseptic filling
      • pasterization, sterilization
      • vacuum packing, gas protection
      • cleaning by means of temperature control (heating, cooling, drying)
      • batching, systematization, finding
      • filling and sealing of beforehand formed packing
      • forming, filling, and sealing equipment for mechanical packing
      • equipment for packing with screwing lids, clips, hooks, sealing tapes
      • equipment for printing, bar-coding, marking, embossing on packing
      • applicators
      • equipment for packing storage
      • sorting equipment
      • equipment, robotics for loading and unloading the packing on pallets
      • other equipment and technologies for packing
    • Packing materials:
      • producers of paper, cardboard packing
      • producers of mixed packing materials
      • producers of plastic packing
      • producers of packing materials for cheeses
      • producers of packing materials from metals
      • producers of packing materials from fabrics and textile
      • containers
    • Other offers for packing
  • Food ingredients, additives, and spices. Application technologies:
    • Antiinfection agents, antioxidants, stabilizers
    • Flavoring agents, fruit fillers and concentrates, sweeteners, essences
    • Ingredients for production and ripening of cheeses
    • Spices, herbs, seasonings, vegetable extracts, concentrates, powders
    • Adhesive, stimulatory, emulsifying agents
    • Ferments, leaven, emulsifying agents, cultures and microorganisms, vitamins, proteins
    • Dyes, food concentrates
    • Preserving agents, sterilizing agents, protective gases
    • Powdered fats, fat substitutes
    • Other ingredients and auxiliary substances
  • Cooling and heating technologies and equipment:
    • Equipment and technologies of cooling and storage of raw stuff and products:
      • equipment for freezing, freezing conveyors and warehouses, freezing tanks, dry freezing
      • refrigerating equipment, cooling containers, chambers, tunnels, sections, towers
      • equipment for production of artificial ice, ice crumbs, refrigerating chambers
    • Compressor plants, systems of ventilation and air conditioning
    • Trading refrigerating equipment
  • Ready dairy products:
    • raw milk, milk with a long period of storage
    • Butter, spreads
    • Desserts, yoghurts, milk coctails
    • Fresh, hard, semihard, soft, melted cheese, brinsen cheese
    • Cottage cheese, cake cheeses, curd products
    • Condensed milk
    • Cream
    • Powdered milk, casein
    • Milk sugar, lactose
    • Whey
    • Baby and special food
  • Equipment and technologies for production of safe food. Quality control:
    • Laboratory equipment
    • Weighing equipment, batching scales
    • Control and analytical equipment
    • Foreign substances detection devices
    • Equipment for empty and filled tanks control
    • Inspecting and testing equipment
    • Disinfection systems
    • Certification and standardization
  • Engineering:
    • Offers for animal breeding complexes, small farms in agroindustrial complex
    • Offer on building plants, processing plants
    • Offers on reconstruction of production, animal breeding complexes
  • Other offers:
    • Scientific developments
    • Transport and logistics
    • Conveyor systems
    • Cleaning systems of hygiene and safety, washing means, cleaning equipment
    • Sewage disposal plants
    • Industrial floor coverings
    • Overalls
  • Trading equipment, HoReCa
  • Trade unions and associations

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