CleanExpo Moscow - 2024
CleanExpo Moscow - 2024

CommunTech - 2011

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9th International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 08.11.2011 - 11.11.2011 

City: Kiev - information about city

Holder: "International Exhibition Centre"

Topics: Building and real estate, Natural Resources, Municipal Management


Venue: International Exhibition Center

Exhibition Sections:

  • Energy saving technologies, equipment, materials, tools, for municipal heat power industry:
    • pipeline systems for heat and gas supply
    • boiler equipment
    • prefabricated heating stations
    • heat exchange equipment
    • heat pumping equipment
    • shut-off and control valves and equipment
    • equipment, tools for installation, repair, diagnostics and sanitation of heating systems
    • heat and gas consumption metering devices
    • automated systems of complex management of heat and gas supply facilities
    • new energy saving technologies of energy production from biomass
  • Heat saving building materials and technologies:
    • heat insulating technologies, materials, and products
    • energy efficient technologies of house front warmth-keeping technologies
  • Housing maintenance (technical service, reconstruction, repair of residential buildings):
    • machines and equipment for reconstruction and renovation of housing
    • cleaning technologies, machines, equipment, accessories
  • Trench digging and trenchless technologies and machines for maintenance and repair of utility networks
  • Road building machines and technologies (building, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of roads, bridges, overhead roads):
    • excavators, bulldozers, trenching machines, cable-, and pipe-laying machines
    • weight-handling machines and equipment (cranes and weight lifting machines, loaders)
    • mobile elevating work platforms, autograders, road-rollers
    • asphalt spreaders, road scrapers, vibrating tampers and vibroplatforms
    • equipment and materials for road building
  • Technical means of traffic management:
    • traffic lights, road signs
    • machines and equipment for road marking, demarking machines
    • rails
    • information billboards
  • City transport, municipal machines, special vehicles:
    • urban automotive and electrical vehicles
    • sweeping and flushing machines
    • snow removing and sidewalk cleaning machines
    • garbage-removal trucks, compactors and other machines
    • tow trucks
    • lift facilities
  • Leasing and rent of road building, municipal machines and special vehicles
  • Automotive spare parts and components for road building machines, urban transport, municipal machines, special vehicles
  • Production and consumption wastes (solid domestic wastes, building wastes, polymeric materials, medical wastes, paper waste, ferrous and non-ferrous metals junk, general mechanical rubber goods and tires, broken glass):
    • technical means, equipment, and technologies for collection, transportation, processing, and utilization of different wastes:
      • automotive vehicles, containers, weight-handling equipment, wastes pipes
      • waste sorting lines, equipment for waste pressing and briquetting
      • waste processing, incineration plants
      • waste production energy technologies
    • technologies and methods of landfill management
    • equipment and technologies for recycling of medical, domestic, and industrial wastes, production of goods from recycled materials
  • Land improvement and greening of cities:
    • territory furnishing:
      • children's play grounds, rails, paving slabs
      • fountains, small architectural forms
      • stalls, public toilets
    • forests and parks in cities and greening:
      • greening and parks preservation technologies
      • irrigation systems, landscape design
    • outdoor lighting:
      • lighting of streets, roads, speedways, bridges, park zones
      • architectural illumination
    • outdoor advertising

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