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CommunTech - 2008

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6th International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 12.11.2008 - 14.11.2008 

City: Kiev - information about city

Holder: "International Exhibition Centre"

Topics: Building and real estate, Natural Resources, Municipal Management


Venue: International Exhibition Center

Exhibition Sections:

  • Life-support systems of residential buildings:
    • municipal heat-and-power engineering
    • water supply and water drain systems
    • gas supply systems
    • gas, water, heat and electric power control devices
    • small and alternative power
  • Engineering services (projection, building, reconstruction and operation):
    • pipeline systems for gas-, heat-, water supply and water drain
    • thermotechnical equipment
    • locking and regulating armature and equipment
    • tools, assembly technologies, materials
    • pump and reinforce equipment
    • gas-, heat-, water supply and overflow control systems
  • Trench and draw-in engineering services technologies
  • Ecology, accomplishment and municipal services of cities:
    • territory accomplishment
    • natural complexes and gardening: gardening technologies, irrigating systems
    • forest park facilities, landscape design
    • external illumination (streets, roads, highways, bridges, park zones illumination)
    • external advertising
  • Building materials:
    • finishing, facing, roofing, waterproofing, soundproofing and heat-insulated materials
    • small architectural forms
    • ferro-concrete products and metal construction
  • Available housing maintenance:
    • residential buildings reconstruction, repair and maintenance
    • services
    • buildings repair and cleaning equipment:
      • platforms for front works
      • lifts, autotowers
      • casing, bricklayer's scaffold
    • cleaning technologies, equipment, stock
  • Road-bridge work and road-building equipment
    • new technologies and methods of road constructions building and repair
    • new technologies and methods of bridges building and repair
    • road-bridge building equipment:
      • black top spreaders and concrete distributors
      • concrete mixers, concrete pumps, cement carriers
      • graders, road-rollers, vibrating rammers and vibroplates
      • excavators, bulldozers, trenchers
      • cable layers and pipelaying cranes
  • Traffic organization means:
    • traffic lights, raffic signs
    • road marking equipment
    • crash barriers
    • advertisement hoardings
  • Municipal transport, municipal equipment, special equipment:
    • city avto-and electrotransport
    • road sweeper-collectors and watering machines
    • snow handling and sidewalk-cleaning equipment
    • dust-carts, compactors, etc.
    • elevator equipment
  • Technologies of household wastes liquidation:
    • collect refuse
    • equipment and technologies of industrial and household waste liquidation
    • yards, garbage-disposal plants

Additional information: