«дравоохранение ”рала - 2025 (г. ≈катеринбург)
«дравоохранение ”рала - 2025 (г. ≈катеринбург)

Modern City. Building Industry. Real Estate Fair. Energy. Resource Saving. Ecology. Belogorie - Green Capital - 2011

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Belgorod Building Forum

Date: 10.08.2011 - 12.08.2011 

City: Belgorod - information about city

Holder: "Belexpocentr"

Topics: Building and real estate, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Exhibition Complex "Belexpocentre"

Exhibition Goals:

  • Expansion of trade and economic relations
  • Demonstration of modern technologies, projects and products
  • Involvement of experts for exchange of views, experiences and information about market demands
  • Providing conditions for mutually advantageous contracts conclusion between manufacturers and consumers

Exhibition Sections:

Modern City. Building Industry. Real Estate Fair:

  • Agricultural designs, new technologies, machines, equipment and materials for industrial, civil, housing and road construction
  • Cottage building
  • Road construction and access equipment, building equipment, tools
  • Building and furnishing materials: facing, roofing, water-proof, heat-insulation, anticorrosion and others
  • Metal, stone, wood working
  • Windows, doors, facades
  • Hard landscaping, land improvement elements
  • Overalls
  • Specialized literature
  • Services of building organizations, banks, insurance companies, real-estate agencies, legal, consulting organizations, services of designers and advertising companies

Modern city. Energy. Resource Saving. Ecology:

  • Electric power production, transmission, distribution
  • Power-generating, electrical equipment and lighting facilities
  • Wiring articles and cable products
  • Boiler and auxiliary equipment
  • Pipes and pipeline fittings
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Independent thermal and electric power sources, small and alternative energy
  • Energy, gas and resource saving technologies, equipment and materials
  • Measuring and regulating equipment
  • Devices and systems of heat, water, electrical energy and gas recording and regulating
  • Heating, ventilation, conditioning and gas supply systems
  • Sanitary ware
  • Water treatment. Water purification. Water disposal
  • Equipment for water supply and canalization
  • Equipment and accessories for industry of pools, baths, fountains, water parks
  • Industrial facilities safety technologies
  • Fire protection, fire fighting, communication means and systems
  • Technologies and equipment for industrial and household waste reuse, recycling
  • Ecological monitoring

Belogorie - Green capital:

  • Landscape design and land arrangement
  • Urban forestry
  • Landscape and shade gardening, planting stock, ornamental plants, flowers
  • Seeds, planting material
  • Fertilizers, plant-protection agents
  • Hothouses, hotbeds, earth, peat
  • Gardening equipment and tools
  • Services of enterprises specialized in landscping and shade gardening

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