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Small and Medium Business of Belgorod. Small and Medium Business. Innovations. Investment - 2017

Attention! The event is over.

15th Interregional Exhibition

Date: 24.05.2017 - 26.05.2017 

City: Belgorod - information about city

Holder: "Belexpocentr"

Topic: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety


Venue: Exhibition Complex "Belexpocentre"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Programs and funds of supporting small- and middle-scale businesses
  • Innovation and investment projects
  • Nano-technologies in various industries and social services
  • Banking and insurance services
  • Consulting, audit, financial service, accounting
  • Staff training and recruitment
  • Software, IT-services
  • Advertisement and information services, marketing, PR
  • Marketing and business-training centers
  • Consumer services for businesses:
    • cleaning
    • logistics
    • catering
    • office equipment servicing
    • industrial high rise works
    • messenger services
  • Equipment and technologies for small-businesses
  • Goods and services of small- and middle-scale businesses

Additional information: