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Aqua Ukraine - 2011

Attention! The event is over.

9th International Water Forum

Date: 08.11.2011 - 11.11.2011 

City: Kiev - information about city

Holder: "International Exhibition Centre"

Topics: Natural Resources, Municipal Management


Venue: International Exhibition Center

Exhibition Sections:

  • Municipal and utility and drinking water supply:
    • water treatment technologies
    • systems of drinking water treatment
    • individual systems of water treatment for residential houses
    • water quality control devices and instruments
    • filters of domestic and special use
    • domestic sewage water treatment (mechanical, chemical, biological treatment)
    • sewerage stations
  • Technologies and systems of water treatment and water drainage for industrial water supply and fuel and energy complex (chemical and electroplating industry, building industry, alimentary, light, mining, and coal mining industry, machine building, metallurgy, oil processing, transport, agriculture, TPP):
    • systems of cooling and recirculated water supply
    • water treatment (disinfection, desalination, degasation, demineralization, and adding chemical components)
    • sewage water treatment
    • industrial and local water treatment plants
    • filtering systems of industrial use
    • utilization of waste water sludge
  • Pumps and pumping equipment for general industrial, special, municipal, and domestic water supply and drainage
  • Utility networks:
    • technologies, equipment, and machines for pipeline laying
    • pipes and pipe valves (valves, fittings, sealants, cut-off plates, taps)
    • systems of pipeline diagnostics and testing
    • technologies and systems of cleaning and restoring of pipelines, leakage treatment
    • expansion tanks and hydroaccumulators
  • Technologies and equipment of water wells drilling for domestic, municipal, and industrial water supply
  • Materials and equipment for building, repairs, operation of water facilities
  • Automation of water resources management and utility systems. Information technologies for water supply
  • Geological prospecting and extraction of underground water, water resources valuation
  • Hydraulic engineering structures. Engineering and hydrological works
  • Reconstruction of hydrological and water treatment plants. Water resources protection
  • Bottled water:
    • water treatment systems
    • equipment for washing, bottling, corking
    • labeling machines, dosing machines, coolers, dispensers, pumps, containers and packing

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