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Aqua Ukraine - 2009

Attention! The event is over.

7th International Water Forum

Date: 10.11.2009 - 13.11.2009 

City: Kiev - information about city

Holder: "International Exhibition Centre"

Topics: Natural Resources, Municipal Management


Venue: International Exhibition Center

Topics of the Conference "Water and Environment":

  • International cooperation of Ukraine in the field of water resources and ecosystems protection, including trans-border aspect and cooperation with EU countries
  • Modern condition and problems of water resources in Ukraine (surface and subsurface water), governmental policy in the field of using, protection, and rennovation of water resources
  • Normative and legal aspects of water legislation in Ukraine and questions of Ukrainian legislation harmonization with European Water Framework Directive and other EU directives
  • Governmental monitoring of water, prevention and control of water harmful effect
  • Water resources development in Ukraine, problems, development prospects
  • Modern condition and reforming ways of water supply and sewerage facilities in Ukraine
  • Financial and economical aspects of water supply and utilities functioning, investment attraction problems
  • Protocol "Water and Health", quality of potable water, problems of qualitative water supply, normative and legal base
  • Innovative methods and technologies of water treatment and water purification
  • Bottled water
  • Society on the guard of water consumer interests, informative and educational activity

Main Sections of Specialized Exhibition:

  • Municipal and household potable water supply, systems of water treatment, sewerage stations
  • Technologies and systems of water treatment, water supply and drainage for industry, fuel and energy complex, building industry, agriculture
  • Pumps and pumping equipment for general industrial, special, municipal and domestic water supply and drainage
  • Utility networks, pipeline valves
  • Devices and apparatuses of water quality control
  • Local water purifying devices
  • Waste water sludge utilization
  • Information technologies and automation of water resources systems and water supply and sewerage networks
  • Geological survey and extraction of underground waters
  • Materials and equipment for building, repairs, maintenance of water facilities, systems of water supply and sewerage
  • Water resources protection
  • Waterworks
  • Bottled water

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