Beer. Wine. Drinks - 2016

Attention! The event is over.

25th International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 12.04.2016 - 14.04.2016 

City: Minsk - information about city


Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry




Venue: Football Manege

Exhibition Sections:

  • Beer: light, dark, non-alcohol, beer brewed with the use of non-traditional raw stuff
  • Malt, hop, yeasts, enzymes
  • Technologies and equipment for beer brewing and bottling
  • Wines: table, heady, dry, dessert, flavoured, sparkling, fruit and berry, champagnes
  • Liqueurs, cognacs, balsams, brandies
  • Non-alcohol drinks, mineral waters, kvass, nectars, juices, tea, coffee, dry drinks
  • Vodkas, infusions, gins, low-alcohol drinks, cocktails and aperitif wines
  • Technologies, equipment, materials for packing, bottling, dosing, marking and warehousing, measuring devices and equipment
  • Raw materials for this industry, concentrates, ingredients
  • Modern design of packing and labels, advertising products
  • Containers, packing, labels
  • Utensils for wines and beverages
  • Technologies, equipment, materials for packing, dosing, marking, and warehousing
  • Lines and systems of water filtering, disinfection, systems of water purification
  • Specialized publications

Additional information: