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Weldex / Rossvarka - 2010

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10th International Specialized Exhibition of Welding Materials, Equipment and Technologies

Date: 12.10.2010 - 15.10.2010 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: MVK International exhibition company

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Museum and Educational Center "Sokolniki"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Arc, argon, argon arc welding of steel, aluminium, cast iron and other metals and aloys: hand mechanized, semiautomatic, automatic robotized welding. Short-circuited arc surfacing. AC/DC welding apparatuses, inverter-type welding apparatuses (welding inverters), welding aggregates, welding automated and semiautomated machines for arc and electric arc welding, for fittings, structures argon welding. Direct current sources for welding apparatuses of hand, semiautomatic and automatic arc welding: welding rectifiers, welding generators, inverter power sources with pulse regime. Technologies and materials for argon and arc welding: welding electrodes, wire, fluxes, welding arc, welding arc power sources
  • Gas welding, plasmic welding of metals. Welding apparatuses, machine tools, welding blowpipes, plants and technologies for gas-flame, gas, plasmic, welding, cutting and build-up welding of parts, fittings, structures. Semiautomated and automated welding units, apparatuses, plants of hand plasmic welding and build-up direct current welding, continuous and pulse regime of welding
  • Laser welding, cutting, build-up of metals: hand, semiautomatic, automatic welding. Electron-beam welding of metals. Welding machines, machine tolls and technologies for laser welding, electron-beam welding
  • Contact welding, spot welding of steel, aluminium, cast iron and other metals, pressure welding with localized heating. Equipment and technologies for contact and spot welding: welding apparatuses, machines, automatic and semiautomatic devices
  • Cold welding, soldering, riveting, bonding, forging of metals (pressure welding). Equipment, technologies and materials for creation of fixed joints by means of pressure: cold welding, ultrasonic welding, soldering, riveting, bonding, forging
  • Specialized welding apparatuses, technologies, and materials for welding of pipes and for building pipelines for oil, gas, water, heat, acid, grease alkali, industrial and domestic wastes transportation
  • Specialized equipment, technologies, and materials for welding of: plastics, human and animal tissues, optical fibers; for welding under water, in space
  • Materials for welding, cutting, building up, sputtering, soldering of steel, aluminium, cast iron, and other metals: welding electrodes, wire, braze alloys, fluxes, welding blowpipes, gases. Equipment and technologies for production of welding materials
  • Means and methods of protection against harmful industrial factors: systems of ventilation, welder overalls, welding helmets, respirators. Tools and accessories for welding
  • Electronic elements and components for production of welding equipment
  • Salon of second hand and renovated welding equipment. Renovation of welding equipment, Repair of welding apparatuses
  • Scientific developments in the field of welding. Quality control of welding joints, basic and welding materials

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