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Sklad. Transport. Logistika - 2009

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16th International Exhibition for Logistics, Transportation, Automation and Mechanization of Storage and Handling Operations

Date: 26.10.2009 - 29.10.2009 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Expocentre

Topic: Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation




Venue: Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Warehousing:
    • warehouses design and construction
    • estate development
    • multifunctional warehouse Ц custom, airport, sea and river ports, railway terminal
    • warehouse equipment Ц shelves, conveyors, pallets, etc.
    • multifunctional rapid constructed buildings, gates
    • automated warehousing systems, supply chain management systems
  • Logistics:
    • avowal systems, optimization and modernization solutions for border check-points
    • parking building solutions
    • all purpose cargo movement solutions
    • road-building and municipal engineering and equipment
    • environment protection and monitoring solutions
    • special cargo storage systems, special cargo and agricultural goods processing and transportation
  • Transportation:
    • loaders, lift trucks, pilers, etc.
    • carts, jacks, lifting jacks, winches etc.
    • parts and tools
    • railway, auto, sea and river intermodular and multimodular transportation
    • special purpose vehicles, commercial vehicles
    • insurance and leasing, financing
  • TransPack salon
    • transportation packaging and auxiliary goods
    • transportation packaging materials
    • packaging machinery and equipment
    • marking systems
  • IT, navigation and communication:
    • GPS devices
    • transportation lines management systems
    • safety systems
    • information systems
  • Custom services:
    • сustom brokers and custom clearance
    • inspection complexes
  • Staff training
  • Special media

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