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Forum "UralStroyIndustry": Low-rise Construction. Energy Saving in Construction - 2014

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International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 23.09.2014 - 26.09.2014 

City: Ufa - information about city

Holder: Bashkir Exhibition Company

Topics: Building and real estate, Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Municipal Management


Venue: Exhibition complex "UFA EXPO"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Construction:
    • multistoried large panel and framed house-building
    • industrial construction
    • construction of country houses, cottages
    • pre-fabricated and relocatable buildings and structures
    • architectural and engineering design
    • engineering support, construction and mounting organization
  • Construction machinery, equipment, implements:
    • road-building equipment, loading and off-loading equipment
    • lifting-and-conveying machines
    • drilling machinery, equipment for pile work
    • equipment for production of construction materials
    • equipment for construction waste processing
    • systems for wrecking
    • building implements, fittings, metal goods
    • derricks, platforms, step ladders, falsework, covering boards
  • Equipment for buildings and structures:
    • sanitary installation (heating, ventilation, gas-supply, water supply, pipe network, sanitary piping)
    • support equipment (covering boards, lifts, escalators, travelators, lifting platforms, lifts for disabled persons)
    • electrical equipment
  • Construction materials, structures:
    • metal structures, metal goods
    • stairs, barriers
    • polymer materials
    • poured floors
    • profiled flooring, sandwich panels
    • concrete, concrete products, bricks
  • Finishing materials:
    • wall, floor and ceiling coverings
    • ceramic tiles, stone products, facing materials
    • paint materials, chemistry
  • Energy saving in construction:
    • energy-saving architectural and planning concepts
    • energy-saving engineering systems
    • energy-saving construction materials and equipment
    • energy-saving technologies in construction:
      • alternative energy (bioenergy, hydropower, geothermal and solar energy)
      • waste energy (waste processing and using energy-saving materials)
  • Low-height and cottage construction:
    • projects of comprehensive development and individual construction
    • materials and technologies for low-height construction
    • engineering support for low-height construction projects
    • water purification equipment, devices and structures
  • Safety:
    • ecological safety
    • fire-extinguisher, smoke removal and alarm systems
    • automation and building security
    • operation safety in construction
    • working clothes and individual protective gear
  • Landscape architecture, interior design
  • Packing and transportation (containers, packing, nets, films)
  • Crediting, leasing, insurance

Additional information: