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Safety - 2015

Attention! The event is over.

Interregional Specialiced Exhibition of Equipment, Technical and Special Aids for Safeguard Services, Security and Law Protection, Fire Engineering and Emergency Rescue Service, Traffic Safety

Date: 29.09.2015 - 01.10.2015 

City: Ekaterinburg - information about city

Holder: "Ural Exhibitions"

Topic: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety


Venue: International Trade Centre Ekaterinburg

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Presenting and promoting the present-day security systems, means and services on the Ural market
  2. Developing and strengthening business relations between the manufacturers and consumers

Exhibition Sections:

  • Fire safety:
    • fire alarm and notification systems
    • fire-extinguishing systems and means
    • fire-proof materials and constructions
    • gear and outfit
    • fire engineering and special equipment
    • escape and rescue means in fire condition
  • Security systems:
    • CCTV and vision systems
    • access control systems
    • security alarm systems
  • Rescue equipment:
    • machinery, equipment and technologies for accident and disaster prevention and rectification of the consequences
    • first-aid equipment
    • life-saving appliances
    • lifeguard outfit and equipment
    • survival facilities
    • personal protective equipment
    • communicators
  • Ecological and industrial safety
  • Traffic safety:
    • traffic management means
    • driver and passenger safety systems
    • control and supervision of traffic safety means
  • Banking security:
    • special banking equipment
    • encashment services
    • special-purpose vehicles
  • Labor safety and protection:
    • labor management
    • personal protective equipment
    • services of workplaces assessment
    • work safety officers education
    • research organizations, institutions and associations
    • specialized literature
    • software
  • Information and communications security:
    • information and communication security means
    • facilities for channels of information leak search
    • information security
    • biometric systems of information security
    • education and services in the information security consulting and audit field
  • Special clothing:
    • professional clothing
    • official clothing
    • corporate clothing
    • corporate clothing for various fields
    • special footwear
    • outfit and service equipment
  • Anti-criminal:
    • specialized police transport
    • outfit, uniform and arming
    • dedicated equipment for covert observation, audio interception, recording
    • equipment for interceptor detection
    • equipment, machinery, instruments, reagents for criminal investigation
    • special vehicles for transportation of valuables
    • vaults, safety boxes, strongboxes, specialized packages for valuables transportation
    • checkpoints, turnstiles, crash gates, power-driven gates
    • conditional access system
    • people and freight inspection equipment
    • equipment for drugs and concealed explosive devices detection
    • private security and detective agencies services
    • simulators, educational programs, training methods of police personnel and security service specialists
    • personal defense equipment

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