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Transport Systems. Specialized Machinery and Equipment - 2016

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Specialized Exhibition

Date: 20.09.2016 - 23.09.2016 

City: Ufa - information about city

Holder: Bashkir Exhibition Company

Topics: Municipal Management, Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation


Venue: Exhibition complex "UFA EXPO"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Road construction:
    • road infrastructure
    • machinery and equipment
    • bridges and tunnels
    • technologies and materials for road construction
    • designing of objects
    • technical means of road traffic safety
  • Vehicles:
    • commercial vehicles, special vehicles, spare parts, accessories
    • cargo and passenger carriers
    • repair and maintenance enterprises
    • leasing and insurance services
  • Air transport:
    • control systems, dispatch service, navigation
    • airports, airport equipment, machines
    • aircraft refueling devices, equipment
    • operation, repair and maintenance of aircraft
    • airlines
  • Water transport:
    • bulk carriers, tankers, tugs, subservient ships
    • control systems, safety systems, lighthouses, buoys
    • infrastructure of river ports, railway stations
    • operation, repair and maintenance of vehicles
  • Railway transport:
    • railway paths, bridges, tunnels
    • system management and control, security and alarm systems
    • railway stations
    • contract network, fueling and equipment
    • operation, repair and maintenance of rolling stock
  • Logistics and warehouse:
    • transportation
    • leasing of transport equipment
    • customs services
    • terminals, warehouses
    • lifting and transport equipment
    • forwarding services

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