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Transport and Road Facilities - 2011

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11th Interregional Specialized Exhibition-Fair

Date: 05.10.2011 - 07.10.2011 

City: Tomsk - information about city

Holder: TMDC "Technopark"

Topics: Municipal Management, Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation




Venue: Exhibition pavilion of OJSC Tomsk International business centre "Tekhnopark"

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Assistance to planning and realization of priority projects of transport and road infrastructure development of the regions, attracting investments for carrying-out of programs in the field of transport and road complex
  2. Demonstration of advanced technologies, equipment and services in the field of road building, transport equipment

Exhibition Sections:

  • Development of engineering and transport infrastructure:
    • projecting and technologies of building, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of road transport infrastructure, quality diagnostics, automated projecting systems
    • investment programs and projects of development of regions transport complex
    • information technologies, communication means and navigation (GPS/Glonass satellite navigation systems, traffic flow control systems, safety systems of transportation and cargo storage)
    • financial services (insurance, leasing of transport equipment, investment programs)
  • Road complex:
    • projects, technologies, equipment, materials for building, operation and repair of objects of air, railway and river transport
    • road-building machinery (machines and equipment for road building, repair and maintenance, machines for earthworks, motor graders, scrapers, bitumen spraying machines, asphalt pavers, vibroplates, punners, running rollers), materials and technologies for building, road operation and repair, projecting of engineering systems and utilities
    • municipal cleaning machines (emergency breakdown vehicles, snow-clearing machines, street-cleaning vehicles, water-jetting vehicles, dumptrucks)
  • Region transport complex:
    • motor transport (lorries, trailers, vans, off-roaders, cars, full trailers and semi trailers)
    • urban transport (buses, trolley buses, tramways, organization of passenger transportation)
    • cargo traffic (customs control services, courier and express delivery, cargo forwarding and logistic services, packing materials, warehousing complexes and equipment (racks, conveyors, pallets)
  • Car service and accessories:
    • spare parts, tools, security devices, alarm, devices and facilities for diagnostics, tuning, fuels and lubricants for any kind of transport machinery
    • automotive chemistry, cosmetics
    • equipment and tools for gas filling stations, service stations, tyre and auto repair shops, car washes, garages
    • specialized literature, mass media

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