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Transport and Road Facilities - 2009

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9th Interregional Specialized Exhibition-Congress

Date: 30.09.2009 - 02.10.2009 

City: Tomsk - information about city

Holder: TMDC "Technopark"

Topics: Municipal Management, Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation




Venue: Exhibition pavilion of OJSC Tomsk International business centre "Tekhnopark"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Development of engineering and transport infrastructure:
    • potential contractual organizations for building engineering and transport infrastructure of special economical zone, building of houses and territory accomplishment
    • projecting and technologies of building, reconstruction, repair, and maintenance of roads and bridges, quality diagnostics
    • investment programmes and projects of regional roads network development
  • Transport. Equipment. Services. Road Machines:
    • air and railway transport, machines, equipment, systems of engineering life support of airports and railway stations
    • cars, lorries, passenger, sports, exclusive vehicles, retro cars, motorbikes and bicycles, motorboats, yachts
    • public transport means (automotive, electric)
    • vehicles for transporting oil products
    • equipment and tools for auto service
    • auto spare parts, auto chemical goods, auto cosmetics, tuning, POL
    • auto-design and accessories, audio and video systems, systems of mobile communication
    • automotive vehicles repair and maintenance
    • car washing stations, equipment and components
    • petrol and gas refueling stations, equipment, devices, projects of refueling stations, advertising design
    • leasing, credit, hire of vehicles
    • organizations of freight and passenger transportations
    • transport and forwarding, courier services and express-delivery
    • warehouse, customs, transport, production and applied logistics
    • transport activity security systems
    • auto, air, railway insurance, appraisal
    • staff training, advanced training, driving schools
    • specialized publications, mass media, reference literature
    • overalls
    • road building, municipal cleaning machines (machines for cleaning of pavements, dumptrucks), cranes, hoisting and conveying machines and mechanisms
    • engineering and service facilities of roads
    • safety at building and maintenance of roads
    • automation, telemechanics, information technologies and geoinformation systems for transport and road facilities
    • insurance of road facilities, machines, equipment

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