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CITY ON THE RIVER TOM. Architecture. Building. City Life-support Systems - 2011

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16th Interregional Architectural and Urban Planning Exhibition-Congress

Date: 05.10.2011 - 07.10.2011 

City: Tomsk - information about city

Holder: TMDC "Technopark"

Topics: Building and real estate, Consumer Goods, Natural Resources, Furniture and Office Equipment, HoReCa, Municipal Management




Venue: Exhibition pavilion of OJSC Tomsk International business centre "Tekhnopark"

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Display of innovative urban planning projects and technologies of the 21st century
  2. Assistance to the development and adoption of progressive technologies, equipment and methods of labour management in the support systems of cities and creation of full-fledged living environment
  3. Display of engineering features, technologies, materials used in the construction industry and for individual housing construction
  4. Development of relations with Russian and foreign partners in the sectors of construction and Housing and Public Utilities

Exhibition Sections:

  • Architectural and city building activity:
    • preservation of historical, cultural, architectural and city building heritage
    • land improvement and landscape projecting
  • Environment:
    • environment safety support
    • ecology
    • wastes utilization
  • Development of engineering and transport infrastructure
  • "Potential contracting organizations for building engineering and transport infrastructure, building of houses and territory improvement"
  • Modern city:
    • building, restoration, reconstruction, repair, finishing of buildings and premises
    • innovations in building and housing and public utilities
  • Building industry:
    • projects
    • technologies
    • equipment
    • materials
  • Public utilities
  • Information technologies in city facilities management
  • Operational safety in building
  • Energy and resource saving in building
  • Siberian house:
    • low-rise houses building: cottages, summer houses, baths
    • building, facing, roofing, finishing, heat insulating materials, paints and varnishes
    • systems of heating, water supply, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning
    • sanitary gears
    • doors, windows, shutters, curtains
    • design
    • furniture
    • interior articles
    • lamps
    • furnishing, household and building chemical goods, building tools
    • household goods, tableware

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