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7th Specialized Interregional Exhibition

Date: 17.03.2010 - 18.03.2010 

City: Ryazan - information about city

Holder: "IVC RAESP" ltd.

Topics: Building and real estate, Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Information Technologies and Communications, Municipal Management, Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation


Venue: Exhibition Complex of the Ryazan Center of Scientifically Technical Information

Exhibition Sections:

  • Architecture, design, building, building industry:
    • modern technologies, equipment, materials
  • Sustenance:
    • new engineering solutions, systems, structures, utilities
  • Power engineering, gasification, energy and resource saving
  • Transport, municipal machines
  • Communication means
  • Accomplishment and greenery planting
  • Ecology, safety, control:
    • new developments, environment protection means
    • fire prevention devices, equipment, plants
    • systems and complexes of remote control
  • Rescue service:
    • equipment and outfit
  • Services

Additional information: