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Suppliers of machines and equipment - 2003

Attention! The event is over.

International exhibition of manufacturing equipment

Date: 09.12.2003 - 12.12.2003 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Publishing House "InformUnion"

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions




Moscow, the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, pavilion #20

Organizer of the exhibition
Publishing House "InformUnion"
Ministry of Industry and Science of Russian Federation,
Ministry of natural resources of Russian Federation,
Committee of industrial development of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation.


  • techniques, equipment and technologies only for industrial purpose;
  • engineering solutions, equipment and experience of application of enviromental technologies to the industrial system;
  • "HI-TECH" in a sphere of techniques, equipment and technologies for industrial purpose;

to supply a demand of representatives of regional business for a modern equipment of production and technical purpose;
assistance of commercialization and application of modern technologies to manufacture;

The main issues of the exhibition:

  1. Equipment and technologies for manufacturing of industrial production;
  2. Equipment and technologies for metal-working and manufacturing of metal goods;
  3. Equipment and technologies for woodworking and manufacturing of wood goods;
  4. Equipment and technologies for manufacturing of electrotechnical, radio engineering and electronic goods;
  5. Equipment and technologies for manufacturing of goods of plastic, polymers, man-made fibers and rubber;
  6. Equipment and technologies for manufacturing of paintwork materials;
  7. Equipment and technologies for manufacturing of building materials and constructions:
  8. Equipment and technologies for manufacturing of fuel, energy and extraction of raw material resources;
  9. Control, measuring and diagnostics;
  10. Automatization and high technologies;
  11. Ancillary equipment for industrial purpose


Plenary sessions, round-table discussions on the subject of innovations and commercialization of technologies, leasing, etc. will be held within the All-Russian Industrial Forum.;
Press-conference dedicated to the exhibition "Suppliers of machines and equipment -2003";
"The Day of Russian regions".


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