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Summer Season - 2014

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36th Specialized Exhibition-Fair

Date: 05.05.2014 - 08.05.2014 

City: Ekaterinburg - information about city

Holder: Business contacts agency LLC

Topics: Agriculture, Food Industry, Building and real estate




Venue: Culture and Health Sports Complex "Russia"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Agricultural machinery:
    • small tools and equipment
    • tools, equipment, greenhouses, overalls
    • equipment for the processing, storage and prepackaging of agricultural products
  • Farm land:
    • planting material (seeds, bulbs, seedlings of fruit, berry and ornamental trees)
    • fertilizers, chemical and biological pesticides, growth stimulators
  • Agricultural cooperation:
    • harvesting and processing of agricultural and wild-growing products
    • mini production
  • Domestic livestock and poultry farming:
    • equipment for the management and feeding of livestock and poultry
    • equipment and technology for livestock farming
    • feeding stuffs, feed additives
  • Beekeeping:
    • bee products
    • beekeeping technology
    • medicinal and cosmetic preparations
  • Country house:
    • construction of houses, bathhouses, swimming pools, fireplaces
    • landscape design, provision of amenities
  • Hard landscaping:
    • cane furniture, recreation goods
    • pumps, heating and ventilation systems
  • Flora design:
    • ornamental garden and potted plants
    • cutting, immortelles, artificial flowers
    • ceramics, wickerwork, glass, plastic
    • accessories for the sale and transportation of flowers
  • Insurance
  • Crediting

Additional information: