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SUBCONT - 2004

Attention! The event is over.

International Exhibition of Industrial Cooperation and Services in the business sphere

Date: 07.09.2004 - 10.09.2004 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Bizon-95ST

Topics: Building and real estate, Industrial Exhibitions




Thematic Structure

  • Subcontracting and Outsourcing in Production and Information Technologies:
    • System integrators - regional and interregional centers of subcontracting.
    • Industrial specialization, cooperation and integration on the basis of outsourcing.
    • Logistics. Execution and realization of orders using business technologies.
    • Outsourcing and business technologies.
  • Mechanical Engineering. Technologies. Equipment. Components.
  • Industrial Equipment and Components:
    • Molding. Forging. Punching. Welding. Cutting.
    • Surface Processing. Industrial furnaces. Galvanism.
    • Paintwork coverings. Sputtering of metals.
  • Subassemblies and Industrial Products:
    • Metal structures and modules. Tanks, pontoons, cylinders. Safes. Cases.
    • Conveyors, transporters, escalators. Industrial circuits.
    • Metal building falseworks, casing, ladders.
    • Fixing and hardware products. Condensation. Connections. Locks.
    • Optical components and modules.
  • Subcontracting Services in Construction:
    • Industrial construction.
    • Arrangement of gas and petroleum deposits.
    • Construction and assembly works and drilling operation.
    • Construction of highways, bridges, tunnels.
    • Processing of a granite and marble. Sizing equipment.
    • Underwater river and sea construction.
    • Pipelines: gas-, oil-, products pipelines and water pipes. Insulation. Stacking.
    • Compressor stations. Fixture for pipelines.
    • Drinking water: preparation, purification. Water-desalinating stations.
    • Construction equipment, mechanisms, materials.
    • Clothes working and special.
    • Guarantee and post-guarantee service.
    • Insurance of objects of construction, equipment and technologies.
  • Plastic Materials and Treatment:
    • Processes and devices. Moulding. Punching.
    • Thermoplastic material producing automates. Extruders. Moulds.
    • Reinforced and special products made of plastic.
    • Plastic pipes and fixtures. Packing.
  • Resin and Rubber:
    • Treatment. Vulcanization. Rubberizing.
    • Industrial products.
  • Industrial Materials:
    • Metal-roll. Alloys. Tubes: steel, foundry, plastic, non-ferrous metals.
    • Wire: steel and non-ferrous. Ropes, cables, grid.
    • Ceramics and metal ceramics. Powder metallurgy.
    • Plastics and polymers. Glass plastics. Films. Non-woven materials.
    • Products of processing in chemistry and oil chemistry.
    • Composite materials. Insulation materials. Roofing and floor coverings.
    • Mineral materials. Graphite. Refractory bricks. Technical glass.
  • Automobile Components and Services:
    • Components to the automobile parts and systems.
    • Filling stations. Service stations. Automated washing stations.

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