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StekloExpo - 2012

Attention! The event is over.

11th International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 27.11.2012 - 29.11.2012 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: National Joint Board of Glass Industry Enterprises "STEKLOSOYUZ"

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: IEC "Crocus Expo"

Exhibition Goal - the opportunity to offer customers equity products at the best glass industry show.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Glass containers. Packing. Equipment:
    • glass containers for preservation - bottles, cans, large bottles
    • glass containers for chemical products, chemical glassware, heat-resistant glass
    • glass container (flasks) for perfume and cosmetic production
    • technologies, machines, equipment, related materials for production of glass containers; glass molds
    • packaging equipment, technologies; packaging materials, wares; labels; capsules, corks, means of closing
  • Medical glass:
    • bottles, drop-meters, fillers, capillarity systems, flasks, glass-droppers, dies for microtitration, test-tubes, glasses, count chambers, measuring cylinders
    • medical glassware from heat- and chemical-resistant glass; glasses for spectacles; optical glass (lenses)
    • technologies, machines, equipment, related materials for medical glass production
  • Glass and fiberglass in building. Windows. Doors. Translucent structures. Stained-glass windows. Accessories:
    • plate, plane, window, glazing plate, polished, mirror glass
    • toughened, armored, fireproof, bullet-resisting glass
    • energy-saving, solar-protective, light-control, self cleaning glass
    • ground, bend, low-emissivity, laminated, triplex glass, K-glass, E-glass
    • glass with film coating, tinted, colored, figured, decorative glass; films
    • glass blocks, silicate clod, liquid glass
    • building materials on the base of glass
    • windows, doors from glass and fiberglass plastic with multiprofile framework; accessories; garnish moulding
    • translucent aluminium, metal, PVC structures
    • partitions, fronts, galleries, winter gardens, greenhouses, hotbeds, pools
    • showwindows, stanzas, balconies, stairs, different kinds of glazing
    • stained-glass windows, mosaics, smalt, glass and mirror tile; graphics on glass
    • double-glazing windows, double-glazing windows with heating, with profile from various materials
    • fiberglass plastics, glass ceramics, structural glass
    • polycarbonate glass, foam glass, polystyrene, organic glass
    • textile, staple, basaltic fiberglass; glass fiber fabrics, fibered glass, fiberglass meshes, glass fiber wallpapers
    • heat-, sound- and water-proof products from fiberglass
    • fiberglass building materials and products
    • equipment, tools for production of double-glazing windows, windows, doors
    • paints, adhesives, varnishe; chemical compounds; lubricants
  • Glass for home. Glass for furniture industry. Chrystal. Art and decorative glass. Stained-glass windows. Mirrors. Lighting engineering. Electric engineering. Accessories:
    • furniture glass; glass furniture
    • glass partitions; trading, exhibition equipment
    • showwindows, stained-glass window, mirrors; mirror, glasstile; glass and mirror structures
    • art and decorative glass, mosaics
    • chrystal, table glassware, vases
    • jewelry glass (bead necklaces, beads, bijouterie)
    • Christmas-tree decoration; glass souvenirs, thermos bottles
    • lighting glass; lighting goods
    • lamps, illuminators, bras, chandeliers, torches, lanterns
    • electrical products; electric glass; fireplaces
    • electron-tube glass
    • cathode-ray picture tubes, silica and laser glass
    • aqauriums, shower cabins
    • furnishing, accessories, design
  • Glass for all kinds of transport. Traffic light, signal, specialized glass
  • High-silica sands. Raw materials for glass manufacture. Auxiliary materials
  • Fireproof materials and products. Technologies and production of refractory products
  • Glass-melting furnaces. Methods and technologies of glass melting. Machines, equipment
  • Technologies and methods of glass processing. Machines, equipment, tools for glass processing
  • Construction and installation works
  • Control and measuring, regulating equipment
  • Research scientific and design works. Innovations. Engineering. Consulting
  • Education. Special publications. Services in glass industry

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