Security. Crimea - 2018

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4th Specialized Exhibition of Means of Protection and Means to Ensure the Security and Fire Protection

Date: 15.11.2018 - 17.11.2018 

City: Yalta - information about city

Holder: Exhibition Association "EKSPOKRYM"

Topic: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety




Venue: Hotel "Yalta-Intourist"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Systems and technical means of surveillance:
    • optics for cameras
    • control tele-video equipment, monitors
    • analog video recorders, digital video recorders, network video recorders
    • IP technology and engineering, software
    • system of video monitoring of traffic
    • additional equipment and accessories
  • Systems and means of restricting access:
    • control systems and access control
    • auto electrical and mechanical barriers
    • gates, doors, gates, turnstiles and checkpoints
    • identification technologies: RFID, biometrics
    • authentication technologies
    • the production, personalization and engineering of maps
    • terminals and readers
    • software
    • bank vaults, safe rooms, security cabins, safes, armored complexes
    • anti-RAM devices
  • Systems and means of fire safety:
    • emergency fire warning
    • automatic fire extinguishing system
    • life support systems
    • control and indicating equipment fire
    • the fire extinguishers, the extinguishing agent
    • fire-resistant and explosion-proof materials
    • fire automation, robots, fire-fighting equipment and equipment
    • emergency equipment
    • overalls
  • Technical security:
    • integrated security systems
    • the alarm system and emergency announcement
    • the equipment and communication systems
    • personal safety
    • special vehicles
    • anti-terrorist and inspection equipment
    • the security of passengers, cargo, transport
    • countering industrial espionage
    • technical means of information protection
  • Personal protective equipment:
    • respirators
    • rescue breathers and gas masks
    • protective clothing, workwear and uniforms
    • high-strength and wear-resistant materials
    • special means of protection from dangerous and harmful production factors
  • Labour protection:
    • measurement of the production occupational hazards, personal protective equipment
    • special assessment of working conditions
    • means of individual and collective protection
    • training on labour protection
    • fire safety
    • metrological assurance of production

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