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School - 2012

Attention! The event is over.

International Exhibition

Date: 18.04.2012 - 20.04.2012 

City: Almaty - information about city

Holder: Atakent-Expo

Topics: Consumer Goods, Society


Venue: "Atakent"

Exhibition goals and objectives:

  1. Identify the modern tendencies and prospects of the education development
  2. Demonstrate and promote professions and occupations required for the country's economic and social growth
  3. Assist the youth in choosing their future occupation correctly and in determining their own role in development of Kazakhstan
  4. Demonstrate advanced technologies and training aids for the educational process organization
  5. Create the space of objective and reliable information about positive results of the educational modernization

Exhibition Sections:

  • Pre-school education
  • Secondary and vocational secondary education
  • Higher education
  • Further vocational education
  • Education abroad
  • Foreign languages
  • Information technologies in education
  • Training literature and aids
  • Libraries
  • Further training and staff retraining
  • Employment
  • Furniture for educational institutions
  • School equipment
  • Stationery

Additional information: