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Sakha. Oil. Gas. Coal. Energy - 2009

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10th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 25.03.2009 - 27.03.2009 

City: Yakutsk - information about city

Holder: Apex

Topics: Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Sports Complex "Modun"

Exhibition Sections:

  • New methods and new equipment for geology and geophysics
  • Installations and equipment for oil and gas deposits development
  • Pipes of oil range for drilling, wells and pipelines building, production of oil and gas:
    • pipe shells and sheets
    • pipelines corrosion prevention
    • portable devices and mobile equipment for pipelines faults detection
    • pipelines and equipment repair: metal ceramics, rubber pastes, cold welding
    • pipes with internal coating
    • pipelines building
  • Transporting of oil and gas products
  • Control instrumentation
  • Equipment for power engineering complex
  • Transport means
  • Fire fighting engineering
  • Overalls
  • Communication and telecommunication means
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Equipment for power engineering complex:
    • energy and resources saving technologies
    • power generating equipment
    • electrotechnical products
    • cabling and wiring
  • Modern technologies, equipment and materials for building industry of the north regions:
    • raw materials, lines, equipment, rigging for production of building materials
    • new technologies of building and building-repair works
    • services of building and building-repair enterprises
    • front and roofing materials, building glass, windows, doors, hardware
    • heat-, sound- and hydro-proofing
    • systems of heating, gas supply, venting, water supply, water treatment and sewerage; sanitary equipment
  • Environmental safety

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