Safety Systems and Facilities. Anti-terror - 2011

Attention! The event is over.

13th Interregional Specialized Exhibition-Fair

Date: 14.12.2011 - 16.12.2011 

City: Tomsk - information about city

Holder: TMDC "Technopark"

Topic: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety




Venue: Exhibition pavilion of OJSC Tomsk International business centre "Tekhnopark"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Communication and alarm systems
  • Systems and facilities of data protection
  • Economic security
  • Inspection equipment
  • Integrated security systems
  • Burglar and fire and security alarm
  • Closed circuit television, access control systems
  • Fire safety systems and facilities
  • Engineering and technical security facilities and special vehicles
  • Energy facility and transportation security
  • Environmental safety
  • Emergency rescue equipment and tools
  • Equipment, personal protective gears
  • Medical first aid facilities
  • Services on safety systems maintenance
  • Insurance and legal services
  • Expert appraisals and damage expert examination
  • Security services
  • Legal base in the field of public safety
  • Regional systems of public safety
  • Training and specialized publications
  • Occupational health and safety

Additional information: