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Rostov Hospitable - 2011

Attention! The event is over.

15th Anniversary International Food and Agricultural Exhibition

Date: 14.09.2011 - 16.09.2011 

City: Rostov-on-Don - information about city

Holder: FVC "Business Art"

Topics: Agriculture, Food Industry, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Convention and Exibition Centre "DonExpoCentre"

Exhibition Sections:

"Hospitable Rostov" Exhibition:

  • Foodstuff
  • Tea, coffee
  • Soft and alcoholic beverages
  • Raw products and materials for foodstuff and drinks production
  • Equipment for alcoholic and soft drinks bottling
  • Materials for wine-vodka and brewing production
  • Equipment for food industry
  • Packing machinery and packing means
  • Equipment for foodstuff and drinks marking and labeling
  • Capping materials
  • Tare, packing, marking
  • Refrigerating and freezing equipment
  • Trade technological equipment
  • Equipment and furniture for restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes
  • Equipment for foodstuff and drinks fast preparation
  • Kitchen systems and components, professional tableware
  • Kitchen trade technological and refrigerating equipment, tools
  • Tableware, chinaware, table layout items
  • Hotel and restaurant textiles
  • Computer systems and software for restaurants, hotels
  • Instrumentation and automated control systems, laboratory equipment
  • Special section - tobacco products
  • Specialized Mass Media

"Hospitable Rostov-Agro" Exhibition:

  • Production, processing and storage of agricultural products
  • Equipment for processing and storage of agricultural products
  • Equipment and tools for farm enterprises
  • Equipment for combined feed production; combined feed and biological supplements
  • Soil fertilizers
  • Plant-protecting agents
  • Seed, sprout, planting stock
  • Glasshouse and garden frame equipment
  • Agricultural machinery (agrimotors, combine harvesters, motor cultivators)
  • Lawn and gardening equipment, tools
  • Equipment for cattle breeding and poultry breeding
  • Veterinary medicine (veterinary instruments and equipment, veterinary preparations)
  • Equipment and tools for farm enterprises (pumping equipment, energy and heat saving equipment, lighting equipment, water treatment equipment)
  • Transportation (refrigerators, motor vans, vehicle trailers, loading machines)
  • Specialized Mass Media

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