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PromExpo - Russian Industrialist - 2003

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7th International Specialized Exhibition-—ongress

Date: 22.09.2003 - 25.09.2003 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city

Holder: Company "PROM EXPO"

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions




Place and time of holding:

Exhibition Center LENEXPO at Gavan103 Bolshoy pr. Vasilyevskiy OstrovSt.Petersburg, Russia

  • Exposition mounting: 21.09 - 23.09. 2002
  • Duration of the exhibition: 24.09 - 27.09. 2002
  • Exposition dismounting: 28.09 - 29.09. 2002
  • The exhibition works daily: 10.00 through 18.00

Organizers of the exhibition: Union of the Industrialists and Businessmen of St.Petersburg; ZAO "PROMEXPO"; OAO "LENEXPO"; VO "RESTEK", with the assistance of the Government of Russian Federation and administrations of St.Petersburg and Russian Union of Industrialists and Businessmen.


  • Machine industry: Equipment and machinery for mining, metallurgical, oil, chemical, atomic, car/ tractor/ aircraft construction, light, and food-processing industries. Machine-tool construction. Bearing production. Robotics. Measurement technology. Manipulators. Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Packing equipment. Agricultural machine-building. Municipal economy, road engineering, cleaning machinery. Power engineering. Water supply. Equipment for waste recycling. Purification units. Environment protection. Working clothes and protection means.
  • Industrial surfacing: Metal-working machinery. Equipment. Tools. Forging and die molds manufacturing. Galvanics. Painting. Polymeric coating. Heat treatment. Plasma treatment. Laser technologies. Metal forming. Foundry.
  • Industrial cooperation (subcontracting): Standard ready-made parts for machine-building, device making (drives, pumps, reducers, etc.). Ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting. Metal forming. Welding of metals, production and assembling of metallic structures, hammering, artistic hammering. Carcassing and mechanical metalwork. Processing and refacing. Plastic articles production. General mechanical rubber goods production. Production of constructional, composite, electrical-insulating, and prospective materials. Designing and producing device units for automatization, electrotechnical and electronic industry. Automated technologies for designing gear and gadgets and fast introduction of innovations. Hardware. Upgraded and restored equipment.
  • Production and technologies of military-industrial complex Dual convertible technologies. New materials. Space exploration. Devices for civil aviation and shipbuilding. Communication facilities, telecommunication. Advanced microelectronics. Fundamental scientific research, applied research and technologies.

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