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Ros-Gas-Expo - 2008

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12th International Specialized Exhibition of Accessories and Equipment for Gas Industry

Date: 27.05.2008 - 30.05.2008 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city

Holder: FarExpo

Topics: Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Saint Petersburg Sports and Show Complex

Exhibition Sections:


  • Application of gas as fuel:
    • boilers and boiler plants, gas burners
    • energy saving equipment and technologies
    • municipal and household gas equipment
  • Equipment for gas and LHCG refuelling stations
  • Equipment for production, storage and application of alternative energy sources
  • Welding equipment, welding materials

Motor gas fuel

  • LNG application as fuel:
    • car gas refuelling compression stations
    • compressed gas vehicle equipment
    • mobile gas tank trucks
    • gas trailers
    • containers
    • module receivers
  • LNG application as motor fuel:
    • car gas refuelling stations
    • compressed gas vehicle equipment

Gas accounting

  • Control instrumentation for gas industry:
    • control and measuring devices
    • level meters, flow meters
    • technologies and processes automation means
    • laboratory measuring devices and gadges
    • mobile laboratories

Operation of gas distributing systems

  • Transporting, natural gas and LHCG storage:
    • pipes and pipelines for gas transporting
    • equipment and control systems for gas transporting through pipelines
    • equipment for emergency works
    • technical means for building and operation of gas pipelines
    • technologies and equipment for gas storage
  • Gas transporting and storage processes automation
  • Anticorrosive protection coating of gas pipelines:
    • technical solutions and control instrumentation
    • insulating coatings of gas pipelines
  • Pipeline armature for gas:
    • locking, regulating, protecting, distributing
    • gas household armature
    • regulators of pressure and temperature
    • sealing materials
    • tools
  • Systems of safety and fire fighting equipment
  • Environment protection, ecology monitoring


  • Technical diagnostics of gas pipelines and equipment:
    • technologies and methods
    • devices

Additional information: