RobotShow - 2012

Attention! The event is over.

Fair of Robotics and Automation in Industry

Date: 13.11.2012 - 15.11.2012 

City: Sosnowiec - information about city

Holder: Expo Silesia

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Expo Silesia

Exhibition Sections:

  • Steel and steel distribution:
    • structural steel
    • high-grade stainless steel
    • stainless steel
    • tool steel
    • special-purpose steel
    • acid resistant steel
  • Non-ferrous metals
    • Non-ferrous metals: copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, tin
    • non-ferrous metal alloys
    • use of non-ferrous metal and their alloys
    • iron castings, steel castings and non-ferrous castings
    • non-ferrous metal smelting machines and equipment
    • machines and materials for surface cleaning and finishing
    • measurement and testing techniques
  • Metallurgical industry
    • metallurgical machines and technologies
    • furnaces
    • casting machines and lines
    • materials and equipment
    • machines and equipment for powder metallurgy
  • Metallurgical raw materials:
    • ores and concentrates of iron and non-ferrous metals
    • steel and non-ferrous scrap and waste
  • Technologies for sheet metal and pipe treatment:
    • molding technologies
    • bending technologies
    • cutting technologies
    • joining and welding technologies
    • surface treatment technologies
    • treatment/machining tools
    • automatics and robotics
  • Products:
    • metal sheets: cold rolling, hot rolling, zinc coating, non-ferrous and other sheet metal
    • pipes: steel, non-ferrous, seamless, welded, pipe joints
    • wire: cold-drawn wire, general purpose, welding wire
    • bars: cold-drawn, hot-drawn, non-ferrous
    • castings: iron, steel, non-ferrous, non-ferrous alloys, precision and other castings
    • steel section: rolled, drawn, bent, welded
    • structures
    • forged products
  • CAD/CAM systems, data design and process
  • Ingoccupational health and safetyindustry organizations, institutions and publications

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